Vogue Williams And Brian McFadden: ‘Babies Are On The Agenda – And We Want Loads!’ – EXCLUSIVE

Vogue Williams and Brian McFadden are pretty much the hottest couple around right now, and it sounds as though we could be in for a whole load of cooing and ‘awwing’ in the not so distant future, if Vogue gets her way.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity as they promoted Vitano Man and Woman, an energy and fertility boosting supplement, the loved up couple revealed that even though they’re not planning to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet just yet, they want a lot of kids when the time finally comes.

Reality star Vogue told us: “No babies right now, I just want to enjoy my life for a little bit longer before it gets taken over by a baby.

“Everything sort of goes on hold when you have a baby, which is what I would want to do, but I just need to keep going with my career at the moment.

“Kids are always going to be on the agenda for us, Brian has two already and I want three at least because I come from a big family and it was nice to have my siblings around me.”

And we bet they’re going to be the cutest little things around.

In the meantime, Vogue is getting in plenty of practice with Brian’s daughters, thirteen-year-old Molly and eleven-year-old Lily, who she spends plenty of time with.

Speaking about being a stepmother to older children, the Irish beauty told us: “We only have one of Brian’s daughters coming over for Easter as Lily came over on her own last time, when Molly didn’t want to.

“They’re at that age now where they want to spend time with their friends, so Molly is coming home for Easter and we are all just going to be in Dublin.

“We will just do the usual family stuff, we go to my auntie’s house in the countryside and have some food and relax – nothing major.”

Brian added: “They are teenagers now so they don’t want to do kid things anymore, they are quite grown up and they want to do more grown up stuff than kiddy stuff.”

And the Easter hols will no doubt be a welcome break for Vogue, who recently took part in gruelling TV show Bear Grylls: Mission Survive.

Speaking about her time on the show, the star dished: “For two weeks after the show I just slept, I had two days of work when I got back and when I finished the work I think my body just gave up and I just had to sleep and relax.

“I learned quite a lot about myself on the show though, I’m not as whingey as I thought I was and I’m open to new experiences, so I am glad that I did it.

“Still, I can promise you that I will never drink my own wee again. That was the most disgusting thing in the world.”

Thankfully, Vogue doesn’t need to resort to drinking her wee for the health benefits that Bear insists it provides, as she and Brian are now the spokespeople for a fab new supplement.

Explaining Vitano Men and Women to Yahoo Celeb, the star explained: “It’s basically just one table that we take each day and it’s got all of our vitamins that we need.

“At the moment I’m really busy, so it’s important that I look after myself properly, as otherwise I won’t look or feel my best.

“I started taking Vitano Woman because I don’t like to drink coffee or energy drinks and so for me it is a better way to get that extra energy boost you need at the beginning of the day.

“I take one every morning with my breakfast and have really felt the difference.”

Brian also swears by the product, adding: “I’ve never really taken supplements before, because when I was younger I didn’t worry about looking after myself.

“Now I’m in my thirties, I know I need to eat well and stay in shape, for my family and my career, but also for myself.”

Good to know that they’ll both be in tip-top shape when all those babies come along, eh?

We can’t ruddy wait.

Vogue and Brian take Vitano® Woman and Vitano® Man to help boost energy levels and performance through their busy professional and personal lives.

The food supplements are available nationwide in Boots, leading pharmacies and health stores, priced at £8.99 for 30 tablets. For further information visit www.vitanowoman.co.uk or www.vitanoman.co.uk.


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