War Machine, Christy Mack Update: Fighter Asks Fans To Not Harass Mack Via Twitter

MMA fighter War Machine, 32, recently created a lengthy post on Twitter that asked fans not to harass ex-girlfriend Christy Mack, 23. War Machine (real name Jonathan Koppenhaver) has been sporadically using his Twitter account from jail during the month of October. The professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter was arrested on Aug. 15 for the beating of ex-girlfriend and adult film star Christy Mack, 23.




“If you are a fan of mine please don’t harass Christy, just let her be,” the tweet read. “Don’t respond to all the people spewing hate against me. If you’re a fan of mine , just please analyze and learn from my situation, and apply it to your own life. I deserved this, she deserved this, he deserved this, and we are also all innocent at the same time.”

You can read the entire tweet here.

Koppenhaver also spoke about having “s— luck” his whole life,” saying that he “can’t wait until this court nightmare is over and I can being the next chapter in my life.”

The MMA fighter evaded the police for a week after the Aug. 8 incident, tweeting occasionally to proclaim his innocence. Authorities caught up to the professional fighter in Simi Valley, california, at an Extended Stay America hotel with a small amount of cash and a pizza.

War Machine was then returned to Nevada on Aug. 15 to stand trial on a number of charges that include multiple assault, felony battery and coercion.

The alleged attack took place at Mack’s residence in Las Vegas and left her in critical condition. She was hospitalized after Koppenhaver entered her home uninvited and found her with a male friend. He then attacked Mack, police said, leaving her with 18 broken facial bones, broken ribs and missing teeth. Following the event, Mack was unable to speak and suffered from a ruptured liver.

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