WATCH Ed Sheeran And Wayne Rooney Sing Lego House Together

Finally we can hear just what Ed Sheeran and Wayne Rooney sound like singing together, after footage from their pub duet has finally surfaced.

Last week it emerged that Wayne and Ed had met in a pub after his Manchester gig, and not only made friends (it went on Twitter, so it’s official OK!), they also decided to perform some of Ed’s greatest hits in the Sir Ralph Abercrombie.

And, while you might not believe it, they actually sound pretty good…like ACTUALLY not bad!

For those people who were hoping for a complete car crash – such as, when people have a bit too much to drink and butcher Hey Jude – then prepare to be disappointed, as the 23 year-old hit maker and his football-kicking chum can be heard singing Lego House well!

Although Wayne does look like he’s having to concentrate ridiculously hard to either keep in tune or remember the words…we’re not quite sure which.

And, we could probably judge Coleen Rooney’s husband’s singing skills better if Ed wasn’t singing so loudly –‘cause it’s not all just about you Ed!

The pair, who were later joined by rapper Example, seem to have the crowd on their side though, as everyone joins in and sounds like they’re having a ruddy good time.

But, when you’re singing with Ed Sheeran and you’re also a Manchester superstar and, on top of that, you’re in a pub in Manchester people aren’t exactly going to be mean are they…

Then again we’re still kinda annoyed that we weren’t there to witness this AWESOME little spectacle.

Meanwhile, Ed being the gent that he is, made a seriously ill fan’s day when he accepted her ‘proposal’ and agreed to ‘marry’ her.

Everybody’s favourite red-headed popstar (soz Ginger Spice) met nineteen-year-old Katie Papworth ahead of a gig in Glasgow last week, when the super fan popped the question – complete with ring.

Ed graciously accepted the proposal, as well as a picture that she had painted for him of a Lego House, in tribute to his hit song, and signed a copy that she had made for herself with:

“Dear Katie, lovely to finally meet my wife.”

Katie’s mum, Trish, said of the whole experience: “Katie took the picture of the lego house she’d made and gave Ed a ring with an infinity symbol. Ed loved her artwork and asked if he could keep it for his wall.

“When she presented the ring he smiled and said, ‘I suppose I should say yes. OK.

“He made it really special for her and she’s since said she needs to think about bridesmaids.”

And we are off to buy a hat!

The brave teen has been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer for the past eight years, losing her sight to it just two weeks ago.

After creating a wish list a couple of months ago, Trish got in touch with Ed’s management and the singer sent Katie a video message from the US, where he was on tour. 

Katie also managed to watch Ed in concert in Leeds before her health badly deteriorated, however, last Thursday she was having a relatively good day and so Trish contacted Les Hoey’s Dreammaker Foundation to see if they could help her daughter’s dream of meeting Ed come true.

A spokesperson for the foundation said: “Times like this make it worthwhile. To see someone like Ed taking time out of his day is so emotional and has made such a difference.”

But aside from Ed being a lovely bloke, what we really want to know is, has Wayne made the grade to make a guest appearence on Ed’s next album?

And, if he is actually that good at singing, what will the song be about? A sad lonely football perhaps?

…who knows!

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