WATCH: LuvBug’s Marvin Humes And JKAY Take On Our Six Second Interview – EXCLUSIVE

Marvin Humes took us all for surprise late last year, when he revealed that he had been working on a new dance music project, LuvBug, with the likes of JKAY and The White N3rd.

So it only made sense that  ahead of the release of their new single ‘Revive (Say Something)’, we would nab two thirds of the LuvBug boys and challenge them to our exclusive Six Second interview.

If you woke up this morning wanting to know exactly who LuvBug are, or just aching to see Marv give his best Tom Jones impression, then you are in ruddy luck – watch LuvBug race the clock below:

1. Hello boys! First of all, can you describe LuvBug to us in just six seconds?

2. Brill. Obviously we are a member down today, with The White N3rd being stuck up in Manchester – Can you do your best impression of him so that we can pretend that he is here?

3. Love it. Would you like to enlist any other celebs to stand in for LuvBug when you are a member down?

4. They definitely sound like some pretty solid back ups, so how do you warm up before you do a show?

5. Is there anything that you reckon you are better than anybody else in the world at?

Ooft, we bet you will be fighting off the ladies after that revelation!

6. So, other than ironing, do you have any hidden talents?

7. How about impressions? Do your best impression of any The Voice UK judge:

8. Very convincing. What’s your favourite part of your body then?

9. Your new single is called ‘Revive’ – which celebrity would you bring back from the dead?


Love it.

Well, thanks for the chat guys – we had a fab time.

LuvBug’s new single, ‘Revive (Say Something), is out on the 8th of February!

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