WATCH: McBusted Test Their Knowledge With A Hilarious Game Of ‘Articulate’ – EXCLUSIVE

When Busted first burst onto the scene back in the year 2000, nobody could anticipate the amount of crazy stuff that would happen over the next fifteen years.

In 2003, Matt Willis and James Bourne’s bezzie mates, McFly, had joined them in the charts and by 2005 Charlie Simpson called it quits and Busted as we knew it disappeared forever.


However, later that same year Matt came bursting back with a brand new solo album, ‘Don’t Let It Go To Waste’, and then went on to star in West End musical ‘Wicked’ and act in actual BBC soap ‘EastEnders’.

Could be worse, right?

James also came back fighting with brand new band ‘Son Of Dork’ in 2005, before writing an incredible musical called ‘Loserville’, which was based on the group’s album, ‘Welcome To Loserville’.

Then, in 2013, something remarkable happened. Celebrating McFly’s ten year anniversary with special gigs at the Royal Albert Hall, the two former Busted members joined their pals on stage to belt out some of their much-loved hits…. And the fans loved it so much that eventually all six people merged together to form: MCBUSTED.

Now, two sell-out tours and one top ten album later, the boys are back promoting their second concert DVD, McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour, and when we caught up with five out of the six members we decided to test just how well they really knew about one another’s careers.

With a very special version of ‘Articulate’, we compiled the ultimate test of how well they knew eachother and eachother’s songs as they had to try and ‘articulate’ different song titles from McBusted, McFly, Busted*, Son Of Dork, and Matt Willis and it wasn’t long before actual hilarity ensued:

*Yes, that includes ‘Hurrah Hurrah Die Schule Brennt’.

McBusted’s tour DVD, McBusted: Most Excellent Adventure Tour is out on June 22.

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