Watch Out Westminster: Jodie Marsh Wants To Become An MP

You can keep your Mandela’s, your Gandhi’s, your Gorbachev’s – and don’t get us started on Nigel Farage or Russell Brand. Britain better get ready to brace itself as there’s a new political juggernaut swinging it’s way into the Palace of Westminster. No, it’s not Leona Lewis banging on about horse-racing this time – Jodie Marsh has revealed that after conquering the heights of bodybuilding and glamour-modelling, she now wants to get into POLITICS.

To be fair we would give  ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to see Jodie take on David Cameron on Question Time. JUST IMAGINE IT, PEOPLE.

Speaking to The Sun, Jodie revealed that she started to consider the err.. ‘unexpected’ career change after pals ended up telling her that she’d be perfect for the role.

(Yeah, our mate once said that they liked the way we made a cup of tea, doesn’t mean we’re going to open an artisan tea room on the South Coast, does it?)

Anyway, Jodie states that people have kept saying to her that she should stand as an MP (after all, it is an election year!), and she’s been giving it some serious consideration:

“People keep saying it to me, ‘You should be an MP.’ It hadn’t been something I’d ever really considered but it’s definitely something I’m looking at and interested in. I’m always trying to educate people and show them what’s going wrong.”

“There’s so much wrong that I think needs to change and I’d love to be the person to do that and I know people do listen to me.”

To be fair to Jodie, in the past couple of years she’s proved how she’s not afraid to shy away for confronting difficult subjects publicly. Fine, so she WAS in a show called ‘Totally Jodie Marsh – Who’ll Take Her Up The Aisle?’ (which, can we just say right now, we LOVED), but she’s also presented some actual quite thought-provoking shows on bullying and prostitution.

See, she’s not all abs, boobs and bronzer you know?

When asked about what party she’d like to stand for and what her policies were, Jodie said: “I’ll probably start my own party! It would be all about getting the nation fit and Healthy for starters. One policy would be to get doctors to prescribe personal trainers instead of anti-depressants.”

“And if i’m an MP I’ll also make it obligatory that all children must have a pet, it shows them responsibility and how to care for something.”

Well, it can’t be half as daft as some of the stuff those crinkly-old politicians are saying at the moment, eh?


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Billy Hallowell

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