WATCH: Sharon Osbourne Loses Her Tooth On Live TV

Sharon Osbourne suffered a pretty embarrassing mishap while she was filming the latest episode of her US chat show The Talk.

Everyone’s fave Osbourne was nattering away when she realised that her tooth was feeling a bit on the loose side.


Upon realising her dental drama, the 62-year-old exclaimed: “Oh sh**! My tooth is falling off!”

Obviously this startled her fellow hosts, not to mention the studio audience, but thankfully Shazza went on to clarify: “Oh no problem, it’s an implant – it’s one of those implants”, as she pulled the entire molar out of her mouth.

Phew – not quite as dramatic as she first made it sound, but still pretty hilair all the same.

Ms. Osbourne was clearly not happy with the incident, ranting: “I spent a bloody fortune on this f***ing thing and it’s falling out!”

Still, espite the waste of money, she couldn’t help but see the funny side, adding: “What do I do? No seriously has anyone got any glue? We have to take an emergency tooth break.”

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a dentist in sight but Sharon managed to slot the veneer back to its rightful place, and it stayed there until the end of the show.


Sharon also had her dramatic acting debut earlier this week, making a special cameo appearance in CSI: Las Vegas on Sunday.

Thankfully, all of Sharon’s teeth stayed firmly in place for that TV appearance.

The perils of live TV, eh Shaz?

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