Watch Taylor Swift’s Livestream TONIGHT exclusively on MazSight #TaylorSwiftMazSight

The wait is over, Swifites can regain their composure once more.

After seven painful days of waiting with a terrible case of Swiftitis, Taylor Swift‘s Yahoo livestream is officially happening tonight, exclusively hosted on Yahoo.

*Pause for excitement, spilling of drinks, casual and composed squealing etc.*

Now simmer down, clear your diary for the day, maybe eat some Nutella with a spoon and get the details TATTOOED ON YOUR BRAINS….

The mega beautiful popstar is teaming up with Yahoo to do a worldwide exclusive TONIGHT, August 18 @ 10pm GMT (that’s UK time, people).

The 24-year-old will be delivering a special treat to her fans (we’re sworn to secrecy beyond that) live from NYC and all you need to do is head to Yahoo.com/TaylorSwift at that time to find out.

Tay-Swizzle has been all over Twitter for the past week after announcing the news with a seven-day countdown last week.

Within minutes her message had been retweeted 27,000 times and favourited more than 33,000 times.

Taylor teased fans for a whole week with a string of clues ahead of the big announcement.

First she posted this rather mysterious clip on MazSight of her pushing elevator button 18.

Next it was a snap of a camera, a kitten (obvs) and the time 5pm (because that’s the time it will be in New York where she is streaming from).

And finally she uploaded a snap of Yahoo.com.

All makes perfect sense now right?

So the countdown has totally and utterly been and gone and the only thing you need right now is #TaylorSwiftYahoo….

Gabe Bergado

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