Watch The Vamps Answer YOUR Questions In Our Six Second Interview – EXCLUSIVE

We ruddy love those boys in The Vamps, and when we sat down with Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans, they had just announced that they were launching their very own record label.

A pretty impressive feat, eh?

So inbetween discussing all the goss and all things music, we decided to also have the boys undertake a very special version of our Six Second interview, where they answered YOUR questions.

And we think you’ll all agree, you asked just what everybody was dying to know….

1. Let’s start with an easy one, Hayley asks if you are excited for your summer tour with Union J?

2. Ellen asks what we can expect from your exciting new record label?

3. Let’s get specific, Em wants to know if you are excited for newcastle?

4. Bella wants to know what your fave part of Brisbane is?

5. Therese is wondering if you could be anybody in the world, dead or alive, who would you choose?

6. Ann asked if you have a pre-show ritual?
Ooh, can you show us? Darn it.

7. Moving on, Vanessa is wondering how it feels to know that you are a big inspiration to your fans and have even saved some of their lives?
N’aww, lovely stuff.

8. And your Brazilian fans want to know what you think of them?

9. Onto the #VeryImportantQuestions, Maansi wants to know if you prefer marmalade or jam?

10. And on that note, ducks or swans?

11. Brad, what colour were your braces?
Errr…. And then this happened:
12. Caitlin wants to know if you’re looking forward to new music?

13. Was it daunting touring with McFly?

14. Finally, Emma wants to know how to get a bloomin’ follow from you guys?

There you have it, it really is that simple!

Thanks for your time guys, and good luck with the record label!

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