Watch This Girl Transform Into Harry Styles & Bruno Mars: MIND BLOWN

Fascinating would a good quality concealer can do, eh?

We stumbled across Promise Phan’s RIDONCULOUS YouTube tutorials during one of our many ‘YouTubing’ sessions (for those of you not in the know, it’s when you find yourself stuck in a loop of videos and playlists during your lunchbreak).

Promise, A.K.A ‘dope2111’, regularly transforms herself into her favourite pop stars – pop stars who, erm, happen to be male.

Well, you know, each to their own!

Anyway, she looks CRAZY good and your mind will be BLOWN when you see her morph into Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Bruno Mars.

You may start to question your sexuality as you ask yourself why you find all this weirdly attractive.

1)    Harry Styles

Just goes to show how far a decent wig  and some decent contouring can go, eh?  

2)    Bruno Mars

Promise even went as far to incorporate a flippin’ GUITAR into this transformation.  A dedicated woman, ladies and gentleman, and perhaps the most realistic transformation.

3)    Zayn Malik

Ahh Zayny, Zayny, Zayny. Perhaps the most beautiful thing to come out of Bradford since the Mumtaz chain of Indian restaurants opened all those years ago. We’d have like to have seen Promise add a bit of sexy Malik 5 o’clock shadow in this makeover, but it’s still pretty good nonetheless.

Although we think the wig may be more Elvis Presley than 2014 Zayn-o.

[ Harry Styles' Cousin Is IN THE ACTUAL X FACTOR. Weird, huh? ]
[ Oh God, Zayn Malik's getting all 'political' ]

Xeni Jardin

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