WATCH X Factor’s Chloe Jasmine’s 2006 Audition – Without THAT Posh Accent

Erm, so if this is how she sounded in 2006, where the heck did THAT posh accent come from?

Chloe Jasmine made quite the impression on The X Factor judges on Saturday night, singing a blues version of Black Coffee, leaving Simon Cowell wowed as he told her: “You’re one I’m going to remember.”

But while she may have told everyone she was an X Factor first timer, she clearly underestimated the great and powerful world Wide Web, meaning this audition from 2006 has reared it’s ugly head today.

Taking to the audition room in front of Simon, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne in a pink cowboy hat, a 16-year-old Chloe attempts to wow them with her vocal ranges with a terrible rendition of Killing Me Softly.

But it didn’t exactly end well, with the judges telling her she’s basically “every parent’s worst nightmare” as she threw her hat on the floor after being turned away.


Sharon told her: “Chloe, you’re 16, you have no idea who you are yet and you’re just heavily influenced by all the divas our there.”

Simon chimed in: “It’s like you’ve been bred in a laboratory as some music creation… a second of Mariah, a second of Christina and nothing came out right.”

Remember her now, Simon?!

The now 24-year-old wowed the judges over the weekend with her jazzy vocals, particularly impressing Mel B with her super posh accent.

When asked where her MIC-inspired drool came from, she told the awesome foursome: “I had a scholarship to a boarding school.”

Just a mere seven years to work on that impressive new *cough* accent *cough* voice then, Chloe…

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