We Celebrate Ariana Grande’s 21st Birthday With Her GRANDEst Moments Of The Year

They grow up so fast!

Nickelodeon royalty, pop princess, and basically total babe Ariana Grande turns 21 today! 21?!  It seems like just yesterday when she was just 17-years-old and bellowing ‘What’s that supposed to mean?!’ as sassmeister Cat Valentine. Ah, nostalgia.

Ariana celebrated turning the big 2-1 with a trip to the happiest place on Earth, and Mickey Mouse even managed to bag a cheeky kiss from the birthday girl – what would Jai say?!

In honour of Ariana entering universal adulthood (she can drink legally in America now and everything) We decided to compile a list of Ariana’s Grandest moments of the year so far – enjoy!

1. She performed at the bloomin’ White House… Twice!
Yes, Ari was invited by President Obama and Michelle Obama to perform at the White House concert ‘Women Of Soul: In performance at the White House’ in March. Then in April she was invited again for the White House Easter Egg Roll – fancy!

2. She looked super hot
All year round. Especially at the Billboard Music Awards:

3. She set a record!
Ariana is so amazing that, with the help of Iggy Azalea, her song ‘Problem’ sold 438,000 copies in its first week… But it doesn’t stop there! This feat made Ariana the youngest woman to debut a song with more than 400,000 downloads. AMAZE.


4. She is supposedly back with cute Aussie Janoskian Jai Brooks 
After an alleged indiscretion with a certain Mr. Natahan Sykes, ‘Jariana’ seem to be back together after being spotted having a cheeky snog. Awh!

 5. She is single-handedly, and single-episodely, bringing back TRL!
Okay, it may only be for one night only but the fact that MTV are bringing back their ICONIC music show especially for Ari practically proves that she is seriously hot property. Set to air in the US next week, the show has been re-dubbed ‘Total Ariana Live’ and she has promised acoustic performances and lots of surprises – WE CAN’T WAIT!

6. She had the funniest accident ever
Okay, breaking three toes because she slipped in her dog’s wee probably isn’t high on Ariana’s list of her ‘grandest’ moments, but you have to admit that it is pretty hilarious. Her mishap was revealed by manager Scooter Braun when he posted a screen grab of the message that she sent him.

If anything the incident only worked to highlight what a FAB sense of humour Ariana has as she later tweeted: “Had the best weekend I’ve had in forever minus my minor foot injury lol…” – That’s our girl!

 Happy Birthday Ariana – we hope you have a FAB day.

Ethan Anderton

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