We Got A Mega 5SOS Fan To Review 5 Seconds Of Summer’s Album

 Because why would we want anyone else’s say on the matter?

Die-hard 5SOS fan Eleanor Moir is 13, from Horsham and has been there since the beginning. Apart from the time she’s at school, she’s had 5 Seconds Of Summer the album on repeat since its release on Monday.

We Got A Mega 5SOS Fan To Review 5 Seconds Of Summer's Album
By MazSight

Here’s her take on the debut offering from the Aussie band – who are are dead set to become the new One Direction after taking the internet by storm – and have already topped the iTunes chart within hours of release.

She Looks So Perfect – Lots of people have different ideas on what it symbolises and some of the band members probably don’t even know. I personally love the song and I think i haven’t actually met anyone that doesn’t like it. When i first heard it it intrigued me because I found it funny that they made one of their first songs about underwear.

Don’t Stop - I think this song is such a fun song it fits the boys’ personality and voices perfectly. It’s the type of song you can listen to on repeat and not get bored of it. Well I certainly haven’t. Theres a certain part of the song that I constantly put on replay – a part near the end when you can hear the drummer Ashton’s voice, I think that made the fans quite happy to hear him being given a part to sing.

Good Girls -  This song is a proper teenage song that’s about a girl who people think is good but they just haven’t caught her doing bad things yet. I really enjoy the beat of the song and, like Don’t Stop had this on replay for hours.

Heartbreak Girl – This song is actually more famous than people give it credit for. Popular australian youtuber Troye Sivan did a cover of it, which I think might have helped its popularity, although this song did actually gain a lot of attention off its own back.

Beside You – I think I love this song more than I know. I didn’t realise why until I realised it was probably because for a lot of the song, all the boys are singing, which I think made me happy to hear.

Amnesia – They didn’t write this song but I still think this is one of their best ever songs. The lyrics just really feel for the person singing, I saw this song live at the One Direction concert and I was actually in tears.The first time I heard it I can remember rocking back and forth I was crying so much. The song was so beautiful.

Voodoo Doll – This song I just find really catchy and unique. When i first heard it I remember really hoping it would be on the album because I really wanted to hear a proper recorded version.

Kiss me Kiss me – This song I think means a lot to the band because they wrote it with their idol Alex Gaskarth which I think makes this a special song to the 5sos fam and 5sos theirselves.

There are a lot more songs on the album but these are the ones that I really liked and stood out to me. I think the reason i enjoyed this whole album so much is that it was so relatable to the fans and what the fans are going though, and these guys are indirectly helping the fans out so much. It kind of shows they care about their fans so much.

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