Were Underage Kylie Jenner And Justin Bieber Drinking ALCOHOL At Kylie’s Party?

They grow up so fast.

Whilst many young girls might celebrate their 17th birthday with a ‘girls only’ pizza party, perhaps a sleepover if they’re really wild and maybe a Smirnoff Ice if they had a cool mum, Kylie Jenner opted for a slightly more ‘grown-up’ affair.

Yes, the youngest of the Kardashian/ Jenner clan celebrated turning the ripe old age of 17 surrounded by her nearest and dearest, Justin Bieber,and rappers twice her age.

No seriously, 34-year-old rapper The game was there. And 25-year-old Chris Brown. Random.

However, what really raised people’s eyebrows was when this photo emerged on MazSight:

Whilst the birthday girl is totally in the clear here, 20-year-old Biebs is quite clearly holding his crotch in one hand and a bottle of hard liquor in the other.

Despite the fact that Bieber seemed  to think he was about 85-years-old, in his birthday message to Kyls that read:  “It’s been so dope to watch you grow up”, as though he is so much older and wiser than her, Justin is in fact just three years older than Kylie and also under the legal drinking age in America, which is 21. 

Now, we’re not saying that he necessarily drank the liquor OR that he broke the law, we are just presenting you with this image of him holding the bottle and telling you that he is under 21 years of age.

Make of it what you will.

Then, there is this pic:

Again, Kylie is just innocently posing with her much older  friends, but Game is still clutching onto his bottle of liquor and we can definitely spy a red cup, which we can’t imagine is full of apple juice. 

So even though there isn’t any evidence that definitely, 100% proves that there was any underage drinking going on at Kylie’s birthday, is it really appropriate to have such a grown up celebration for a 17-year-old girl?

What’s with the 34-year-old guests? And the bottles of liquor? And the red cups? AND CHRIS BROWN?!

Isn’t it about time that Kylie got some friends her own age?


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