What Happened To Poor Solange Knowles’ Face On Her Wedding Day? :(

Oh, this is every bride’s worst nightmare.

Poor Solange Knowles apparently broke out in hives during her Wedding reception after suffering from some kind of allergic reaction.

By the process of elimination we can pretty much conclude that this is down to some dodgy seafood, or is just her natural reaction to brother-in-law Jay Z.

That WOULD explain the incident in the lift after all…

Although the painful looking blisters no doubt put a downer on Solange’s fun-filled reception, at least they didn’t strike any earlier. 

No doubt the saving grace for the singer is that her skin was as smooth and radiant as can be for her actual wedding ceremony to music video director Alan Ferguson, with her official wedding photos depicting the gorgeous blushing bride without a hive, or even a blemish in sight. 

In fact, she looked ruddy gorgeous.

What a beautiful bride, eh?

Following the heavily publicized dramz between Solange and Jay Z in the lift earlier this year, there was a lot of doubt surrounding whether or not Beyonce’s beau would be invited to her sisters nuptials.

Thankfully, it looks like all of that is water under the bridge with Bey, 33, and Jay, 44, donning their best outfits to help 28-year-old Solange celebrate her big day, looking more in love than we’ve seen them for a very long time.

Ever the fashionista, Sol ditched the traditional dress for a gorge cream jumpsuit for the ceremony, which was probably a smart move seeing as the couple rode BIKES to the ceremony.

Yes, actual pedal bikes.

 Cute, if a little cray-cray.

The couple exchanged vows in front of 200 family and friends in New Orleans according to People Magazine, with the bride’s flowers being carried by her, erm, bike basket.

Might just be us, but we were KINDA hoping to see Blue Ivy look like the cutest thing since sliced bread as a little flower girl.

Anywho, most importantly, an insider told People that the couple were “beaming. Calm. They looked pretty calm, relaxed on their wedding day. Definitely happy,” which is the main thing really.

Still sad our invite got lost in the post but MOVING ON.

In what looked like a crazy fun reception, guests took part in a sort-of street party filled with sparklers and a traditional brass band parade, all before getting on fancy party buses to the French Quarter.

As you do.

Bey, Jay and Blue joined in all the festivities, looking like the world’s most perfect family as they danced and laughed together.

Congratulations once again Solange and Alan, and we hope that Solange’s face is better!

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