Two members of the British royal family have the ability to walk into the room and disarm people right away because of their presence.

While speaking with British GQ, famed singer and composer Elton John said that Princess Diana and Prince Harry are the only two royals who have this ability. And one non-royal who has this trait is former US President Bill Clinton.

John also said that he’s especially fond of the Duke of Sussex because there are so many things about him that remind John of the late Princess of Wales. The two men have also worked closely together on numerous occasions, and they are also advocating for those suffering from AIDS and HIV.

Meanwhile, the “Candle In the Wind” singer also seemingly criticized the royal family for what they made Prince William and Prince Harry go through after the death of Princess Diana. The royal siblings, who were still very young at that time, were asked to walk behind their mom’s coffin.

“I’ll never forget the funeral and seeing those boys having to walk behind the coffin for 45 minutes. I thought it was slightly inhuman, well, not slightly, incredibly,” he said.

It was previously revealed that it was actually Prince Philip who convinced his grandchildren to walk behind their late mother’s coffin during her funeral.

In the book “My Husband and I: The Inside Story of the Royal Marriage,” royal author Ingrid Seward revealed that Princess Diana’s only brother believed that he was the only person who should walk behind his sister’s coffin. However, the members of the royal family disagreed.

“In a mark of respect to an ex-wife and a departed mother, Prince Charles wanted to walk behind the cortege with William and Harry beside him. Another of the by-now interminable rows ensued over the telephone, which Spencer ended by hanging up on the prince…It was made clear to Spencer that, regardless of whatever private feelings he might harbor, the prince and his sons would walk behind the gun carriage bearing the princess’s coffin,” she said.

Which 2 British Royals Can ‘Walk’ Into The Room, ‘Disarm’ People Right Away? Pictured: Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William gather for the commemorations of VJ Day, 19 August 1995, in London. photo: Getty images/Johnny Eggitt/AFP