Who Is Alena Skrivankova? Czech Teen Hacks Off Friend's Fingers For Satanic Sacrifice

In a story that sounds like something from a Halloween story, a teenage girl cut off her friends’ fingers with an ax, the Mirror reported Monday. She purported motive? To conduct a sacrifice for satanic purposes.

Alena Skrivankova, 15, from the city of Brno in the south of the Czech Republic, took Jitka Svehlova, 10, to the woods nearby after she told the girl’s parents they were going to “play,” the news site wrote. Once they were deep in the woods, Alena reportedly tied Jitka to a tree and hacked off her fingers off with an ax she had hidden in her backpack.

“Somehow the younger girl managed to escape and her horrified parents called the police,” a police spokesman said, according to the Mirror. “When officers arrived at the scene they found the older girl sitting on the ground with the ax in one hand and the severed fingers in the other.” The official added: “This is a deeply disturbing case.”

The teen was arrested and will reportedly undergo psychiatric assessment, the New York Daily News reported. The victim is in the hospital recovering, but her current condition is not known.

A similar story occurred in the United States after a man sacrificed animals for Satan in north Carolina, Fox 8 WGHP reported last Wednesday. Two bodies were found in the man’s backyard. The man, Pazuzu Algarad, was described as “possessed” by a witness. He had writings, scratchings, peeled-off wallpaper and  swastikas on the walls of his home, the Inquisitr wrote. He is accused of killing one person in July 2009 and his wife, Amber Burch, is accused of sacrificing another person in Oct. 2009.

They were both arrested and charged with murder, News.com.au reported. They are being held without bail.

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