Who Is Emily Goodhand? Photo Of Her Emerges After Tori And Dean Are Accused Of Lying About Affair

The only thing that could make the Dean McDermott cheating uproar even more scandalous is if it didn’t even happen. Just as rumors began to surface that Tori Spelling and her husband fabricated the affair just to get another reality show, a photo surfaced of the “Chopped Canada” host’s alleged mistress, Emily Goodhand.

The Examiner referenced Tuesday’s episode of “TMZ on TV,” where news director Mike Walters claimed McDermott’s 28-year-old girlfriend didn’t exist. The Examiner doesn’t believe that’s the case, and posted a photo of Goodhand, who supposedly slept with McDermott.

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Her Facebook account has been deleted, the Examiner said, but Goodhand apparently did attend a charity event in Toronto called “Brockton Presents Get Your Paint On” on Nov. 22, 2013. She went to the event before news about the scandal broke. After it began to draw notice, she apparently deleted all her online accounts.

“TMZ on TV” said the scandal is “all made up from scratch,” which could be true. But the “proof” the Examiner listed is far from concrete. Aside from the Nov. 22 event, it also said an Emily Goodhand took part in a charity walk in Toronto in September 2013.

Many people who have been paying attention to the Spelling-McDermott scandal, which is hard not to considering Spelling is on the cover of various magazines, have wanted to know more about Goodhand since little is known about the 28-year-old Canadian.

Some tried to find her on social media, but since her accounts were all supposedly deleted, the Emily Goodhand whom people did find was the wrong one. A user with the Twitter handle @copyrightgirl has been accused of being the chef’s mistress, though she’s tried to clear up on her account numerous times that people have pinned her for the wrong person.

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