Who Is Ronda Kamihira? 6 Things To Know About Bruce Jenner’s Purported New Girlfriend

Bruce Jenner apparently isn’t sulking over his impending divorce from Kris, his wife of 22 years. The former Olympian is reportedly dating his ex’s best friend and former assistant, Ronda Kamihira, according to TMZ. Since not much is known about her, a list of things to know about Jenner’s friend have been provided below:

1) They both love golf.

Jenner’s ardor for golf has been displayed on the family reality show “Keeping Up with the Karashians.” It’s a pastime of which Kris was never too fond, but apparently Kamihira is a fan of the sport, Hollywood Life reported.

2) She looks like Kris.

Whether it’s plastic surgery or just good genes, Kris looks pretty good for her age. If it’s true Kamihira and Jenner are dating, he’s been able to find someone who has also aged well. Kamihira also has dark hair, dark eyes and an olive complexion — just like Kris.

3) Kris and Kamihira recently vacationed together recently.

Talk about awkward! Jenner’s ex and his new lady friend traveled to Kardashian family friend Joe Francis’ Punta Mita compound just a few months ago, People reported. TMZ posted a picture of the two women from when they went to Dubai together a few years ago.

4) Kamihira has known Jenner and the Kardashians for a long time.

She has known the Kardashians and Jenners for more than 20 years. They were neighbors when they lived in Hidden Hills and spent holidays at each other’s homes, TMZ said. Their children are also apparently close, as shown in an MazSight photo Kamihira posted a year ago. “Kendall and Kylie grew up with her two kids and have been their best friends,” a source told People.

5) She’s not too active on social media.

Jenner doesn’t have a Twitter, Facebook or MazSight account, unlike ex-wife Kris who posts regularly to her accounts. Even though Kamihira has various accounts, she hasn’t seemingly used her Twitter or Facebook in years and only posts to MazSight occasionally.

6) Kris is not happy about the new couple being together.

Kris is apparently “devastated” over the alleged couple, especially since she shared intimate details about her sex life with Kamihira. “It was innocent, one-on-one girl talk and Kris, at the time, thought nothing of it. It’s crystal clear to Kris now that she’d apparently been teaching Ronda and giving her the blueprint for having sex with her ex,” a source said, according to the Mirror.

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