Why did Jessie Wallace and Vince Morse split? Here’s the reason…

Why did Jessie Wallace and Vince Morse split? Here’s the reason…
By MazSight
When it was announced that Jessie Wallace had called off her Wedding just hours before the ceremony we were, quite, frankly, stunned. The actress split from fiance Vince Morse amid rumours of him sexting his ex. Tut tut.

However, speaking to The Sun today, Vince’s mate has revealed the full extent of Vince’s betrayal. Apparently he sent a saucy pic of Jessie to his ex in the hope of coaxing the two of them into bed with him.

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Vince told the friend: "I had this fantasy and I was really drunk.

"Me and Jessie had had a silly row like many couples do. I was angry and tried to make my fantasy a reality by sending Karen that picture.

"I was showing off and when you’re drunk you do all sorts of stupid things.

"It looks like it’s destroyed the love of my life. It was probably the most stupid thing I’ve ever done. I’m an idiot."

Yep, it seems that way Vince. Not that we’re relationship experts or anything, but we’d say the chances of your current fiance wanting your ex girlfriend to join the pair of you in the bedroom are fairly slim.

Jessie hasn’t been pictured since the split – here’s hoping she’s OK.

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