It’s time for some good news and some bad news, Goodies.

The last time “Good Witch” fans got that combo was a couple of weeks ago when the Hallmark Channel series was renewed for Season 6 at the same time that star Bailee Madison’s (Grace) exit was announced, but this time the news is a little less major.

The bad news: There are still a few episodes left of Season 5, but fans will have to wait a little while longer to see them because “Good Witch” isn’t on tonight.

The good news: The show will be back very soon. It’ll return in two weeks, on July 28, with Season 5, episode 7, titled “The Grey-cation.” When it does come back, Grace will be going on a date with fellow intern Luke (David Whilbey), and Cassie (Catherine Bell) and Sam (James Denton) will realize there’s still a lot they don’t know about each other.

Why Isn’t ‘Good Witch’ On Tonight? Season 5, Episode 7 Air Date Info “Good Witch,” starring Catherine Bell and James Denton, returns in a couple of weeks. photo: Crown Media / Brooke Palmer

More good news: The reason why “Good Witch” isn’t airing tonight is because Hallmark Channel is in the midst of its Christmas in July event, Christmas Keepsake Week. This means the network’s schedule is filled with fan-favorite Christmas content…all day, every day.

Tonight, instead of a new episode of the magical series, Hallmark’s showing the 2014 Candace Cameron Bure classic, “Christmas Under Wraps.” Next Sunday (July 21), during the “Good Witch” time slot, Wes Brown and Kellie Pickler’s “Christmas at Graceland” will air, and then the following Sunday (July 28) is when the show finally returns.

Catch the next new episode of “Good Witch” on Hallmark Channel on July 28 at 8 p.m. EDT when Season 5, episode 7 airs.