Kate Middleton and Prince William recently saddened royal fans with their latest announcement. The royal couple said, through Kensington Palace, that they will no longer be responding to every single letter that they receive.

Throughout the past year, royal fans typically send letters to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s family to commemorate their birthdays, anniversaries, and other important occasions. And it is common for the royal couple to respond to the letter with their photos or the photos of their kids.

But Kensington Palace announced that this will no longer be the case. Due to limited resources, Prince William and Middleton will only be selecting the occasions that they will respond to.

A royal fan shared the response she received from the Cambridges through Kensington Palace on MazSight. The letter, which was dated Sept. 30, was a thank you note from Prince William and Kate to the royal fan who congratulated the second in line to the throne’s win at the charity polo match in July.

Also included in the response was an explanation of why the royal fan never received a thank you note from the couple when they greeted them on their Wedding anniversary.

“With regard to your inquiry about their wedding anniversary, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge greatly appreciate all the messages that are sent in celebration of special events. However, with limited resources available to handle the growing volume of cards that they receive, Their Royal Highnesses will now focus on responding to a select number of these occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and significant anniversaries,” the letter read.

Some royal fans are disappointed to know that they will no longer be receiving thank you notes from Prince William and Middleton on all of the important occasions that they are celebrating. But the majority of their supporters understand that there is indeed a high volume of letters being sent to Kensington Palace almost every day.

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