Will.I.Am Had No Idea About Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s Marriage, Have The Former BFFs Fallen Out?

Slightly awkward.

Will.i.am and Cheryl Cole used to be BFFs; they collaborated on songs together, she cooked him roast dinners, he even managed her for a while and they probably had slumber parties where they would braid eachother’s hair and practice dance routines.

Ah the good old days…

But that was the old Cheryl, and it looks as though things aren’t quite as warm and friendly between Will and Mrs. Fernandez-Versini.

We know that Chez kept her marriage to Jean-Bernard Fernandez Versini hush hush from the world’s media, but we didn’t know the secrecy extended to her friends, with the 39-year-old rapper revealing that he had no idea his old pal was married.

Speaking to the MailOnline last night, he said: “She got married already? Oh, I didn’t even know that.

“That’s cool. I’m happy for her. That’s dope.”

Not even slightly peeved that she didn’t tell you, Will?

And that’s not all the dramz between the two that has got us wondering if they are harbouring secret beef with one another, as The Voice judge also brushed off questions about why he bailed on joining Cheryl at the Judges Houses stage of X Factor.

In fact, he’s way of denying any feud was to just repeat the word ‘schedule’ a lot and hope that we would be thrown off the scent.

Will rambled: “I don’t know my schedule like that. My schedule is wild – I travel so much. My schedule is always changing, so nothing is ever solid until I’m there.”

Hmm, is there some animosity between them because the popstar ditched Will as a manager?

Oh well, maybe the hip-hop artist can replace Chez and make his new The Voice co-judge, Rita Ora, his BFF instead.

And it’s clearly just Cheryl whose messages aren’t getting through as Will was well and truly up to date with the goings on in the BBC show, and revealed that he is excited for Rits to join the team, saying: “If it wasn’t Rita, I wouldn’t have done it.

“So I’m happy that it’s Rita. When Kylie left I was like ‘Who else are you going to get?’”

Lucky for him the BBC had some Rita-Ora-sized tricks up their sleeve!

It’s alright Will, you don’t need Cheryl – you can find yourself a new best friend.

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