Wireless Festival On Social Media In 15 Posts: Iggy’s Mum, Free Bruno Mars Bars and MORE.

What a weekend.
Wireless Festival On Social Media In 15 Posts: Iggy's Mum, Free Bruno Mars Bars and MORE.
By MazSight

Wireless Festival has come to an end for another year. It saw some amazing performances (did you SEE Outkast OMG), some not so amazing rants (you know exactly who you are mister), and of course a whole bunch of Tweeting and MazSighting. We’ve collected together the best moments on social media from Wireless including Iggy Azalea’s mum, Bruno Mars bars and even more. Check them out in our list below.

1. Ella Eyre brought her mum to wireless!

2. So did Iggy Azalea! Now we’re starting to feel guilty for not bringing OUR mum.

3. Speaking of Iggy, she and Rita Ora shared a bit of a moment on stage. Rita captioned this photo: “You jealous? You should be! #icouldnthelpmyself”

4. Nicole Scherzinger was backstage hanging with Pharrell and Kanye West. She went full July 4th on us.

5. Free Radio had a free air guitar stand! You could keep them and everything!

6. They ALSO had free Bruno Mars Bars.

[Kanye West's Wireless Rant rant makes for great motivational posters]

7. Meanwhile one gentleman thought it appropriate to nearly cause a stampede.

8. Alexa Goddard celebrated the end of her Wireless show the best way possible: donuts and beer.

9. Ellie Goulding’s post show celebration involved even more music out at BST! Here she is posing for the BEST. SELFIE. EVER. with Sophie Turner and James McVey.

10. Meanwhile Etta Bond had a friendly chat with a police officer who thought she was a teensy bit suspicious.

11. Dominique Young Unique met Robin Thicke at Wireless! He proved a class act as always.

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