Woman Set Challenge To Make Boyfriend 300 Sandwiches Gets Engaged After Just 256

Good news ladies, you DON’T have to make your partner 300 sandwiches before he will propose…just 256.

Woman Set Challenge To Make Boyfriend 300 Sandwiches Gets Engaged After Just 256
No good at cooking? Then you’ll probably never get married. Sorry. [Rex]

This ridiculously arbitrary benchmark has been the subject of an American food blog, 300 Sandwiches, that has nearly 2,500 Instagram followers, over 2,000 Twitter followers and 5,700 likes on Facebook.

The introduction to the blog is…illuminating: “’Make me a sandwich’. That’s what my boyfriend, E, asks without fail every morning.”

Wow, what a charmer.

The author is a self confessed ‘writer and foodie’ living in New York (Brooklyn OBVIOUSLY) who started the blog after she made ‘E’ a sandwich one day and so good was the bread and meat snack he exclaimed, “You’re, like, 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring.”

Imagine that ladies – a sandwich SO GOOD it can even get men (who we all know are notoriously terrified of committing to the one they love for any period of time) to actually propose.

The anonymous author took her boyfriend up on the shockingly outdated challenge and decided to document her sandwich journey.

[Buckfast BBQ anyone? Tonic wine to be rebranded as summer drink]

[No sexy time for you iPhone user…]

To all you feminist naysayers who exclaim that this is utterly sexist and archaic, the sandwich maker disagrees, but the evidence is stacked against her.

“Sandwiches meant more to him than nice gifts, regular sex or any other incentive I could use to get him closer to putting a ring on it,” she claimed.

“I will prove to him and the rest of the world I can make the 300 sandwiches.”

Hear that, desperately unhappy women in relationships with the love of your life who just won’t commit? Stop wasting your time with ‘nice gifts’, ‘regular sex’ and ‘any other incentive’ you’re currently leveraging against your partner in the desperate hope that he will spend a lot of money on a flash ring, thus validating yourself and your relationship in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Just make him around a year’s worth of sandwiches and lock that s*** down.

Well, she needn’t have worried about the 300 – E just proposed to her after a mere 256 sandwiches.

“Words cannot express how extraordinarily happy I am. Not because I have a engagement ring, but because I’m going to spend the rest of my life having ridiculously amazing adventures with my soul mate.”

Who may or may not expect you to make him a sandwich every day for the rest of your lives together.

Is this just a bit of fun? Do you wish someone would make YOU 300 sandwiches? Let us know on Twitter.


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