Women of Wireless! – Katy B

Katy B has long been a fixture of the UK dubstep, garage and house scenes, featuring as a guest vocalist on numerous recordings (sometimes under her other stage name Baby Katy) since 2007. With her glowing orange mane and smoothly angelic voice, Katy has been turning heads with the release of her 2011 album On a Mission.

Women of Wireless! - Katy B
By MazSight

Katy B is known for working across a variety of genres, most of them connected with the British electronic scene. She's a magpie of styles and sound, taking elements of drum and bass, techno, dubstep, garage, and contemporary R&B- all laced with her shimmering pop vocals. This unique cross pollination immediately began to pay off when her first two singles, 'Katy On A Mission' and the Ms Dynamite featuring 'Lights On' both shot into the UK top five.

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Fresh off the back of a tour supporting Tinie Tempah through the first half of 2011, Katy embarked on her debut solo tour throughout Europe and the UK to mass success and explosively huge concerts. Recently she has since been refining her craft for the release of her sophomore album working with songwriter Guy Chambers- particularly famous for his work with Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue.

The most recent release we've had from the electronic songstress is disco-house single 'What Love Is Made Of.' With raved up drums and synths that drag you on and off the dance floor alongside one of Katy's more soulful vocal performances, it's an exciting preview of what the future holds for this young artist.

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