X Factor 2010′s Katie Waissel Slams Her ‘Nasty’ And ‘Disgusting’ Former Mentor, Cheryl Cole – Eek

Look who has crawled out of the woodwork.

No, you didn’t accidentally go in a time machine and wake up in 2010, that really is Katie Waissel in a 2014 headline.


Because she has re-emerged especially to slate her former X Factor mentor, Cheryl.


Eager to nab some of the publicity surrounding the newest series of the hit talent show, the 28-year-old has branded Chezza ‘disgusting’ and ‘nasty’ in a new interview.

Katie caused controversy during her X Factor stint four years ago, when she repeatedly found herself in the bottom two during the live shows but was constantly saved by the judges.

They just couldn’t seem to get the hint.

Cheryl has since admitted that she only put Katie through for ratings value, which has seriously riled the singer up.

Speaking to New! magazine, Katie ranted about her time on the show: “I’d never see her [Cheryl]. If you asked me what Cheryl was like as a person I couldn’t tell you.

“She obviously didn’t give a s*** about me, she put me in the show because of Simon. So why should I give a s*** about her?”

Commenting on 31-year-old Chezza’s obvious dislike of eccentric singer, Raign, who made it to the six seat challenge on this year’s series, Katie seethed: “Cheryl’s the only one who’s been disgusting, to be honest – to make such comments, you’re like, ‘Wait, who are you?’

“There’s a right way to do things and there’s a wrong way to do things, but she’s just lost the respect of everybody.

“It’s annoying – it’s not even TV, it’s just nasty. Simon Cowell has given her a second chance. She should make the most of it.”

 Although it doesn’t sound like Katie will be dusting off her pom-poms to cheer on any acts in this year’s X Factor, adding: “It’s a bit of a s*** show to be honest.

“If I could turn back time and not fill out that form, I would give every penny in my bank account to do so. I have been tarnished by something I could never get away from.”

Ooft, talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

But if Cheryl’s latest feisty single, I Don’t Care, is anything to go by, we’re pretty sure that we know what her response to these jibes will be…. 

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