X Factor 2014: Andrea Faustini Reveals That He Is Still A Virgin

You learn something new every day.

X Factor fave Andrea Faustini has revealed that he is still a virgin at the ripe old age of twenty…

… Erm, that’s not that old really?

Andrea also dished that he has never actually been in a relationship and the most important woman in his life is his sister.

Speaking to Italian Vanity Fair, the singer revealed: “Love is something that I have never looked for and has never come my way.

“I haven’t yet found the special person who is right for me.

“I am the male Bridget Jones – awkward. I always mess up.”

Ugh we know that feeling – everybody is a little Bridget Jones on the inside.

When the magazine asked Andrea if he had lost his virginity (bit personal, but okay) Andrea answered: “Well if in twenty years I have never been in love… “

Good on him for holding onto those values. 

Andrea also shared that the reason why he is still single isn’t because of his body image, admitting that he is a “little fuller around the waist” but he is proud of it, the crooner said: “The physical form has never been a problem for me.

“I have always been proud of my belly, acquired with years of carbs.”

Can’t knock an Italian for loving their carbs.

Andrea also reckons that he has quite a lot in common with his mentor Mel B, adding: “She is voluptuous like me. 

“And frank and direct. When I was little I was a Spice Girls fan, when I saw them I used to crease up laughing.

“I was even given a Mel B Barbie as a present in 1998.”

Okay, so today we learned that Andrea is awkward like Bridget Jones, LOVES carbs, and played with Spice Girls Barbies when he was younger…

… Is Andrea secretly us?

Because we have an awful lot in common. 

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