X Factor 2014: Ben Haenow – "I Voted For Jake Quickenden To Do A Bushtucker Trial" EXCLUSIVE

There’s really nothing like an ITV cross-over bromance is there? X Factor’s fittest delivery driver EVER, Ben Haenow, told us how he’s been LOVING the perpetually topless Jake Quickenden in theI’m A Celebrity jungle – and that he thinks he can totally win the entire show.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity, Ben confessed that: “It was a shock to hear Jake was going in the jungle – it’s absolutely crazy.”

“But he’s going to clear up on that show – he’s definitely a potential winner.”

We think so too Ben, especially if he keeps up his STELLAR performances during the bushtucker trials – which Ben has been enthusiastically voting him in for:

“I did [vote for Jake]! But only because I think he’d have wanted me to.”

Yeah, we’re sure Jake just LOVES having a pig testicle hanging out of his mouth on national television – what a LAD.

Anyway, onto more pressing matters –  tonight will see Ben taking on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ , as chosen by the public, as well as The Beatles’ ‘Come Together’ – chosen by none other than One Direction.

And to be honest, we THINK he might be a LITTLE bit happy about what’s been chosen for him:

“I’m really, really happy with what’s been chosen – but obviously the pressure’s on, because it’s been chosen by the public in part. There’s a lot of people wanting you to NOT ruin the song!”

Yes Ben. PLEASE DO NOT RUIN THE SONG. This is imperative, as we don’t think we could continue to watch the live shows if your big brown eyes of deliciousness weren’t there for us to gaze into anymore.

And Ben can’t seem to quite believe that he’s ACTUALLY in the live shows, despite getting up and performing there for the past few weeks, telling us that: “When you first enter, you never expect to get through to the live stages.”

“It’s amazing to still be in the running, especially when you consider how big voices like Paul Akister have left… but I’ve got the tenacity and want to do it.”

We should hope so too, Benny-Boo.

And although he’s loving his time in the show, he admits that the whole experience has been a huge learning curve, stating that handing the media has been a bit of a ‘mare’ sometimes – particularly when it comes to certain stories about himself and fellow contestant Lola Saunders: “We’ve been thrust into the limelight quite quickly, so the biggest learning curve has been learning what to say and what to do around the media.”

That pesky media, eh – always sticking their oar in!

“[The 'Lola' story] didn’t annoy me at all really, because I knew the actual story myself. It was a wake up call if anything – I’m quite a tactile guy, I’m always hugging and kissing people, so it just made me a bit more wary about when you should do that!”

Well to be honest Mr.Haenow, you can kiss and hug us ANYTIME you like and we promise not to take a picture or tell a soul about it.


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