X Factor 2014: Ben Haenow Reveals How He Drank A Bottle Of Vodka EVERY DAY When He Was FOURTEEN!

Want to hear a heart-wrenching story that will probably make you cry a little bit? Well, X Factor’s
Ben Haenow has opened up about the VERY tough time he had growing up – revealing how at aged just 14, he was drinking a BOTTLE of vodka A DAY.

Oh dear, we kind of just want to give Ben a massive cuddle and a squeeze after hearing about all of this (and not just because he’s bleedin’ gorgeous).

Speaking to The Mirror, Ben spoke of how his fractured family life caused him to spiral into a deep depression – with his parent’s ‘messy’ split when he was just four years old, the falll-out from which made him turn to drink:

“It was a very messy split. For a while after it happened, we didn’t see my dad at all. Then we were supposed to see him every other Sunday.”

“Then it just fizzled out. We’d arrange to meet and he just wouldn’t turn up. I started to question my self worth and asking, ‘what have I done?’”

Blimey, sounds pretty intense.

Apparently, as Ben got older and the pressures at home became more ‘real’, the Croydon crooner couldn’t really handle it, so took to drinking entire bottles of vodka aged just 14 to try and blot out all the sad stuff that was going on.  

“I was 14 years old and just necking a bottle of vodka a day until I was sick and paralytic. Me and a mate would get a few bottles in and do it every night. I would stay out at a friend’s house so my mum wouldn’t see me like that. It would be stupid to say I wasn’t depressed, but at the time the drinking seemed fine to me.”

“Physically and mentally it was bad. I was hungover and felt like s*** at school.”

Sounds pretty rough :(

However, luckily for Ben – now shining bright like a metaphorical diamond on the hit ITV show – he was able to come out the other side, and finally ditched the booze. Aged 18, he finally saw sense and realised that the excessive drinking meant he was just throwing his life away.

And now, he’s focusing on making peace with his Dad – who’s been to watch him perform on the show – and buying his mum a new gaff.

What a guy, eh? <3 YA BEN.

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