X Factor 2014: Brand New Girl Group And Eight-Piece ‘Super Group’ Boy Band Revealed

This is all very exciting.

It wouldn’t be X Factor without Simon Cowell and co. masterminding brand new bands out of solo auditionees.

They did it with One Direction, they did it with Little Mix, and they have of course done it again with two as yet unnamed groups.

If you were watching Mel B’s six seat challenge last night in utter confusion, wondering where 90% of the best solo males had gone, then never fear – they’re still well and safe and in the competition.

Yep, Simon has weakened the boys category by plucking eight, EIGHT, of the best and squeezing them into one big super group.

If you don’t want any spoilers ahead of tonight’s show then we suggest you stop reading NOW.

The boyband consists of fan favourites, who were brought back into the show after being told: “We think that amongst this group of eight there could be something interesting to work with.”

And they are as follows:

James Graham, 17: A music studio volunteer who left school at 15 and was home-schooled for the final year. You’ll probably remember him most for his massive quiff and for telling a deadpan Simon that he “could learn to like animals”.

Reece Bibby, 15: He met Liam Gallagher at a gig and ended up singing Wonderwall with him once. Casual. You’ll probably remember him for breaking a chain of awful guitar-playing auditionees, much to the judges excitement.

Tom Mann, 20: A football coach who got to boot camp last year but missed out on a seat in Louis’ category, boo hiss etc. etc. You’ll probably remember him most for the time that Simon said: “I think if you were ugly you would never have got that reaction” at his arena audition. Awks, but still – didn’t stop Simon putting him in the band!

Casey Johnson, 19: He has claimed that he will never fail to get a girls number and never saw music as a genuine career path. Interesting. You… Erm… You might remember him for wearing tartan and Mel B saying “Oh he’s gorgeous” as he left the room, but that’s a bit of a push. Maybe he will be more memorable with his seven new cronies.

Jake Sims, 19: He lives with his mum and sister in Bristol and considers himself ‘the man of the house’. You will most definitely remember him for having an adorable little sister who stood awkwardly next to Simon Cowell during his room audition.

Charlie Jones, 14: The baby of the entire competition, little Charlie will have Louis exclaiming “YOU’RE 14″ at any given opportunity. You’ll probably remember him for singing Wannabe by the Spice Girls at his arena audition.

Barclay Beales, 18: He was that super annoying yodeller that got as far as Boot Camp last year, but thankfully there’s not a yodel in sight for 2014. You might remember him for the time Simon Cowell said: “You would be better off in a group” during the arena auditions – WELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT.

Chris Leonard, 18: An Irish barman who was originally a member of a five-piece boyband which split earlier this year. And you probably won’t remember him considering he’s not yet been shown in all his full Irish glory. We bet Louis is a fan though.

The obvious question is WHY SO MANY, and apparently they did consider making the group smaller but couldn’t choose who to cut, Simon told the boys: “When we saw you as eight people, this is no word of a lie, every single one of us said that none of this band can leave.

“This is something different. It’s nice to do something different.”

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has previously shared her enthusiasm for the boy group, who have been dubbed ‘the new One Direction’, exclusively telling us that they have found something “special” with them.

Well, we’ll be the judge of that!

Onto the girls.

The judges thought these five solo girls were far too special to be let go, and to be honest they are probably relieved that they didn’t have to endure Cheryl’s PAINFULLY indecisive six seat challenge.

No quotes from the judges about this lot but we’re *sure* they are just as passionate about them…

Abi Garrido, 16: Her mum, grandma and granddad were all singers and now Abi is following in their footsteps. Similarly to Chris, you probs won’t remember Abi considering she hasn’t yet been shown. But she does have a whole host of videos on YouTube if you fancy checking her out.

Abby Eades, 17: She is studying beauty at college and often gets mistaken for Cheryl, who she describes as her “ultimate idol”. You will probably remember her for being in a Girls Aloud Tribute band. Impersonating Cheryl, obvz.

Leah Gooden, 16: Leah lived in France for six years and speaks fluent French. She is fortunate enough to have been shown briefly and we are sure she is fabulous. 

Mimi O’Connell, 17: She has a severe heart condition and first performed at a Summer camp for sick children four years ago. Again, yet to be shown. We’re not saying that the boys are favourite but there does seem to be a theme…

Saffron Silva, 16: Her dad is a roadie and takes her to all of the gigs and she sings every week at Westfield shopping centre.

So that’s that.

We have to say that we are massively intrigued to see how these two bands work, especially the boys considering there are EIGHT OF THEM.

We can’t get over it.

Tune in to X Factor tonight to see the bands be put together and how they’re attempt at the six seat challenge goes!

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