X Factor 2014: Cheryl And Hubby Jean-Bernard Couldn’t Look Happier As They Leave The Studio

Looks like Mr. and Mrs. Fernandez-Versini are still in the Honeymoon period.

Cheryl may have spent the entire night bickering and fighting with her newest ‘allergy’, Simon Cowell, but it looks like once she’s by her husband’s side she couldn’t care less about the politics of the X Factor judging panel.

The gorge judge proved that she still has that post-Wedding glow as she got papped leaving the ITV studios with Jean-Bernard after last night’s show, and she couldn’t look happier.

Reinforcing just how fab she looked during last night’s movie theme, Chezza couldn’t look more glam if she tried as she rocked a svelte, Audrey-Hepburn-inspired dress, although was noticeably without the bling-tastic diamond necklace that she wore during the show.

We think that it goes without saying, Chezza definitely upped her fashion game after being compared to Kermit the Frog last week.

And with a wife as stunning  as Cheryl, it’s no wonder that Jean-Bernard can’t stay away, with him apparently lurking in the wings of the talent show all night every weekend, like a truly proud partner.

We wonder what he makes of all of the mega dramz between Cheryl and TV’s Mr. Nasty, Simon Cowell?

After last weekend’s ‘Kermit-Gate’, the pair fell out yet again during last night’s live show.

The duo started fighting pretty much straight away, with Simon yet again speaking over Chezza as she offered her critique to Simon’s act, Jay James.

Resorting to her new catchphrase of 2014; “It’s MY opinion”, the 31-year-old warned the music mogul that he wasn’t allowed to slag off any of her girls if she wasn’t allowed to criticize his overs.

After taking pieces from eachother all night, Dermot O’Leary pretty much fed Cheryl the bait when they took an interval from performances and he decided to have a good ol’ natter with the judges.

Derm mentioned a story that had hit the headlines this week about a 43-year-old woman called Michelle who is apparently allergic to Simon and has panic attacks and actually VOMITS when she sees/ hears him – and Cheryl immediately retorted that she thinks that she has the same condition.


Running with the lolz, Chez asked Mel B to swap seats with her because she didn’t want to sit in her prestigious ‘next-to-Simon-Cowell’ chair anymore, and Mel, who is fast becoming our fave judge, wouldn’t even hear her out.

Cheryl then asked Louis if he fancied swapping and before she had even finished asking the question, an excitable Louis had already jumped up and was turfing Cheryl out of the chair that he has been dreaming of for the past decade.

The Irish judge still managed to quip “At least I’m still next to Mel” as he took his new seat next to Si, and we can’t quite decide if this was a dig at Cheryl or if he is just really, really desperate to make Mel his new sidekick, a la Tulisa and Sharon Osborne.

… Probs a bit of both?

Lou-Lou spent the rest of the night relishing every second in his new seat and we’re not surprised – after all, it’s been a long time coming.

And to be honest, it seemed to do the trick.

Cheryl and Simon bickered no more, with Si instead venting his frustrations onto Louis for the VERY HARSH words he had to say about culling his act, Stereo Kicks, last week.

Which was a fair enough frustration to vent, although we can’t help but think that maybe the chair next to Si is cursed and whoever is unfortunate enough to sit there has to put up with Mr. Cowell whining in their ear all night.

Despite the apparent white flag, bygones were most definitely not bygones with Cheryl continuing to rant about Simon on MazSight after the show.

Captioning the above picture, she wrote: “Yes.. Was one of those nights you can’t tell other judges acts they didn’t perform a song as well as they could or should have then when somebody remotely has an opinion on Simons act he responds with “it’s not an acting completion ” Don’t give it if you can’t take it ! Right. [Sic]“

At least she has her hunky husband to calm her down after a stressful day at work, eh?

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