X Factor 2014: Cheryl And Louis’ ‘Toxic’ Realationship Threatens To Derail The Series!

Tell us something we don’t already know, please.

X Factor judges Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Louis Walsh are apparently having a HUGE tiff and are barely speaking after they fell out AGAIN.

Seriously, how many more times can they ‘fall out’? It’s like mothers at a Wedding.

Famously tactful Louis infuriated francophile Cheryl this week, after he told her that she wasn’t fit to be a judge.

Oh, and Boyzone’s former manager is? Give us strength.

And whilst the X Factor publicity machine is OBVIOULSY having kittens now that this latest story has ‘leaked’, tensions behind the scenes have hit an all time high.

Speaking to The Sun, a show ‘insider’ (Sinitta? Christopher Maloney?) has claimed that: “The atmosphere has become toxic — she hates him with a real passion and it shows.”

“It’s no secret that Cheryl didn’t want Louis on the panel, but since then he has been lording his victory and takes every opportunity to knock her.”

(Not going to lie, we can’t imagine anything better than Louis Walsh ‘lording it’ over Chezza – we like to imagine he’s making digs about how Tulisa was a better judge REALLY LOUDLY, whilst also telling Mel B that the Spice Girls are his fave band EVER)

The source then got a bit ‘Alexis Carrington’ on the whole situation: “On the panel he has repeatedly slapped her down, and she has given him some poisonous stares in return. If looks could kill, Louis would be a dead man.”

Poisonous stares eh? WE’RE QUAKING IN OUR BOOTS.

But hang on a sec -  did Lou-Lou actually slap Cheryl? Or do they mean it in the ‘You need slapping daaaahn’ EastEnders way? What is this source actually saying? WE NEED CLARITY HERE.

Anyway, despite the promo’s being filmed already, the judges categories already established and the advertising schedule probably already lined up, show bosses are STILL WORRIED that the row could ‘derail the entire process’, with the pair refusing to be in the same room as each other.


Our new favourite X Factor ‘insider’ summarized the tension in this final parting shot –

“This is a pressure cooker and it’s only a matter of time before someone explodes.”

Crikey, we hope Dermot’s wearing some overalls.

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