X Factor 2014: Chloe Jasmine Whichello Given Secret Second Chance After ‘Car Crash’ Arena Audition

It is a little bit unfair to be honest.

X Factor’s Chloe-Jasmine Whichello, is being given preferential treatment by ITV bosses according to new reports.

The posh 23-year-old, who has also been accused of going on wild booze and cocaine fueled benders, is one of the judges clear favourites and has won over many viewers as well, but is she all that she seems or have the dollar signs in Simon Cowell’s eyes resulted in some pretty complimentary editing?

According to The Sun, at Chloe’s arena audition, which was in front of 5,000 people at Wembley Arena, the singer completely forgot the words to her original song choice and burst into tears in what has been described as a “car crash” performance, that didn’t make it to TV.

Which is odd if you think about it because X Factor love to show car crash performances.

Instead, what we were treated to on Saturday night was a seemingly flawless rendition of a totally different song, which saw Chloe sail through to the next round.


A source told The Sun: “Chloe’s original arena audition was so bad it was never shown, but viewers would never have known as it wasn’t mentioned.

“On her original audition she started singing the Ella Fitzgerald song Misty but soon forgot her words, started crying and had to abandon it. It was a car crash. Unusually, she then had a private conversation with the judges at their desk for about five minutes.

“All the microphones were turned off. They were clearly consoling her and giving her advice.

“In the audition screened, the judges are pretending they hadn’t seen her since her Room performance. With a different song and a better performance, she got through. It’s clear bosses are absolutely desperate to keep Chloe in the show.

“The 5,000 people originally in the arena know she totally bombed — but viewers don’t.”

The judges turned their mics off and then pretended that they hadn’t seen Chlo since the room auditions?


But did ITV really think that they would get away with this blatant favouritism considering there were 5,000 witnesses??

Show bosses are remaining defiant about misleading the audience, with an insider saying: “Chloe was given a second chance as she was upset during her first performance.

“She had recently split up with her boyfriend so she wasn’t in a fit state to perform. We gave her the chance to go away and compose herself.

“This does happen and the only reason it wasn’t seen on the show was that there wasn’t enough time to fit all of this into the episode.”

An X Factor spokesman added: “Judges on occasion give a second chance if they feel the contestant hasn’t fulfilled their potential from their Room audition.”

This would all be somewhat believable if it wasn’t for the fact that this isn’t the first time Chloe has been given special X Factor treatment.

After all, the model previously auditioned in front of the judges back in 2006 donning a pink cowgirl hat and absolutely none of the class and elegance which she is currently so well-known for.

But you probably noticed that X Factor totally ignored this audition, which saw Chloe throw said hat on the floor in a rage when she didn’t get through, and they didn’t include the TOTALLY NATURAL wide-eyed moment when a judge looks up from the desk, sees somebody they ‘recognise’ and say: “You’ve been here before, haven’t you?

“I know you.”

Cue the flashback.

Nope, in fact, Chloe was presented as a first time auditionee, with ITV seemingly forgetting that a little something called the internet exists and knows EVERYTHING. 

So what’s going on?

Because we recks these won’t be the only times that the judges act in Chloe’s favour.

In fact, we’ve already put a bet on a mystery production assistant whispering in Louis Walsh’s ear when Chloe ends up in the bottom two. 

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