X Factor 2014: Jake Quickenden Reveals Romance Between Chloe Jasmine And Stevi Ritchie

Just don’t take your eye off the prize, guys.

Jake Quickenden has dished some serious dirt on what’s going down at The X Factor contestants’ house, and it looks as though Jake Sims and Betsy Blue English might have some competition when it comes to being the first in-house romance.

Apparently this year’s most controversial contestant, Chloe Jasmine, has a bit of a thing for novelty act Stevi Ritchie, which just adds to her ever growing controversy as she already has TWO not-so-secret boyfriends.

Bit awks.

Jake dished to The Mirror: “Chloe and Stevi seem to have a little connection, they get on very well and I know they’re very fond of eachother.


Who would have thought that little old Stevi would be the Casanova of the show?

However, this no doubt comes as a blow to Craig Wiffen, who not too long ago unveiled himself as Chlo’s long-term boyfriend. 

Which, incidentally, came as an even bigger blow to Young Apprentice star Harry Maxwell, who had been dating the posh totty  for several weeks.

It’s all getting a tad messy.

Craig and Chloe appear to have been dating for several months, and Craig was even at the X Factor live shows over the weekend to support his girlfriend, hanging out with Chloe’s friend Kerianne Covell, who didn’t make it past Judges Houses. 

Josh Feldman

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