X Factor 2014: Katie Hopkins Slams Audience Favourite Andrea Faustini

Oh, she has crossed a line.

Katie Hopkins has made kind of a big name for herself in slagging off anybody and everybody she feels like, and it looks as though even X Factor favourite Andrea Faustini isn’t safe from her cruel twitter jibes.

The former Apprentice star has made a bit of a hobby of live-tweeting the X Factor live shows, and last night was no different.

However, she once again left everybody stunned by slagging off most of the contestants and harshly saying that pug-loving Italian Andrea would have been better off on The Voice.

Before the chairs had spun round.

She’s basically calling him ugly and we are NOT happy with it.

Katie wrote to her followers: “Andrea would be better suited to The Voice. Before the chairs turn round #Xfactor2014″

And then added: “I sodding hope Andrea’s fillings aren’t magnetic. Or that microphone is heading straight for his stomach #Xfactor2014″

Geez Katie, give the guy a break.

This is made all the worse by the fact that it was reported that poor Andrea was feeling pretty homesick on last Sunday’s show when he didn’t have any friends or family to support him in the crowd.

An insider revealed that Andrea was actually crying because of how lonely he felt and hearing that broke our hearts into tiny pieces.

So the fact that Katie has taken an already-vulnerable contestant and publically ridiculed him makes us a whole new level of angry.

Reign it in please, Ms. Hopkins, reign it in.

It wasn’t just Andrea that felt the wrath of the 39-year-old rent-a-gob, also slagging off Stereo Kicks, Fleur East, Jake Quickenden, Mel B, Chloe Jasmine, and Stevi Ritchie in a hateful tirade:


And to make matters worse this comes at the end of a busy week for the reality star, who had already made cruel jokes at the expense of Karren Brady and Mariah Carey, following another week of praising deadly virus Ebola and ridiculing the McCann family.

Is anybody safe from Katie’s wrath?

Well, actually… Yes.

Perhaps causing even more controversy than when she is mean, Katie stunned everybody by tweeting a positively lovely message about Cheryl’s  X Factor wildcard, Lola Saunders, writing: “Lola is de-lovely and delicious. If this is a competition to find one of life’s true gems, then it has unearthed a beauty. #xfactor”

Was it a typo?

Is it sarcastic?

Are we missing out on a cruel, underlying joke somewhere?

On second thoughts, Katie Hopkins is actually rather unnerving when she is being nice… Maybe she should stick with being mean.

At least then we all know where we stand.

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