X Factor 2014 Live Show Contestants: Blonde Electra

We’re still not entirely convinced that Blonde Electra aren’t Jedward in drag…

Name: Blonde Electra
Members: Jazzy and Ruby King
Ages: 22 and 24
Category-Mentor: Groups- Louis Walsh
Fast Fact: Their dad thinks they’re going to hell for appearing on The X Factor. Eek.
What They Said:
“There is going to be a lot of neon, glitter and hairspray and a lot of craziness. We’re going to bring crazy to The X Factor.”
Most Likely To: Annoy everyone. Every week. Until they go. They will be saved by the judges at least once, at the cost of one of the strongest singers. 

Blonde Electra, formerly Blonde Electric, were the very first auditionees that we saw of 2014 X Factor, and who would have thought that they would make it to the lives?

Wacky, loud, and not exactly the best singers in the competition, the sisters got three out of four yeses after singing ‘Do It Like A Dude’ in their Room Audition.

What did Cheryl say?

Alrighty then.

At Boot Camp they scored one of Louis’ six seats, much to everybody’s amazement, following their performance of ‘I Love Rock And Roll’.

However, the madness was only just beginning, with Blonde Electra leaving Louis’ advisor, Tulisa, slightly shell shocked when they gave a cringe-inducing rendition of Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger’ at Judges Houses.

No really, look – there’s evidence: 

But still, Lou-Lou obviously sees something special in the girls because he brought them to the live shows and they livened the whole thing up when they sang ‘Kids In America’ last night with some of the craziest choreography thanks to Brian Friedman.

Despite not being quite as good as the likes of Andrea and Lola in the vocal department, you can’t help but love Jazzy and Ruby, who have since opened up about their crazy childhood and unstable relationship with their overly religious father.

Their hearts are in the right place even if their vocals aren’t.

Verdict: They’re not the best singers but they definitely put on a show, we will probably be quite sad to see them leave TBH. 


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