X Factor 2014 Live Show Contestants: Lauren Platt

She is the solo artist baby of the competition, which we will probably be reminded of A LOT.

Name: Lauren Platt
Age: 17
Job: Student
From: Essex
Category-Mentor: Girls-Cheryl
Fast Fact: Her boyfriend has joked that he wants Andrea to win – AWKS. 
What She Said: “I’ll have nerves but if I didn’t, that would be really strange. I’ll just go out there and give everything I’ve got.”
Most Likely To:  Have  Louis Walsh squarking “You’re only seven-teen” at any given opportunity. 

Is there anybody who doesn’t love Lauren Platt?

Lauren secured four yeses in her Room Audition following a note-perfect rendition of ‘I Know Where I Have Been’, and things only got better when she got an actual standing ovation at her Arena Audition, after her take on Whitney Houston’s ‘How Will I Know’.

The little’un of the girls category secured one of Cheryl’s seats at the six-seat-challenge when she performed Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’, but Chezza became nervous over whether or not Lauren would be ready for the lives.


However, at Judges Houses Lauren proved that she was more than capable of giving brill performances, and her version of ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ wowed her mentor and Tinie Tempah so much that Chez couldn’t resist putting her through to the lives.

And thank goodness she did because Lauren’s show-stopping week one performance ended up being one of the strongest of the night.

She offered a unique take on Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’, complete with balloons and an AMAZING outfit.

And considering Pharrell himself will be performing at the live show tonight, we have a feeling he was more than impressed.

The judges LOVED her, and so did we. 

Verdict: She will be the dark horse of the competition, she may be young but she is MIGHTY. 



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