X Factor 2014 Live Show Contestants: Lola Saunders

Wow we totally didn’t expect Lola Saunders to be last night’s Girls wildcard. 

Nope, not at all – it was a complete and utter shock.

Name: Lola Saunders
Age: 20
Job: Fishmonger
From: East Bolden
Category-Mentor: Girls-Cheryl
Fast Fact: Daughter of ex newcastle United footballer Wes Saunders. 
Most Likely To:  Have Simon Cowell SLAM Chezza for not originally putting her through every. Single. Time. 

The Fishmonger from East Bolden had been wowing pretty much everybody since her performance of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ in the Room Audition, which is why it was so ruddy shocking when Girls mentor Cheryl left her behind at Judges Houses.

Apparently she just didn’t think Lola was ready, and Simon was not happy about it.

However, between those two points there were two more stand out performances – Aretha Franklin’s ‘You Make Me Feel’ in her Arena Audition, and ‘Finally’ at the Six Seat Challenge, where she secured her spot at Cheryl’s house in Nice.

This is where she gave a note-perfect rendition of ‘All Of Me’, and it was seriously so note-perfect that the families in Gogglebox were even cooing over how great she was in last week’s episode.

That’s when you know you have made it.

Lola didn’t get through, there was outrage, and then an Xtra Factor blooper accidentally revealed that she was in fact the Girls wildcard.


As a result absolutely nobody was shocked when she popped up and sang Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ during last night’s live show – but that doesn’t mean that we weren’t totally happy that she was back in the game.

Verdict: We love Lola and reckon that if Simon has his way she will go very far in the competition. Plus, just think of all the fish puns that we can use.


Ethan Anderton

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