X Factor 2014: Louis Walsh Accuses Simon Cowell Of Bullying Him

Well, this is a surprise.

Louis Walsh had an undeniably tough start to The X Factor live shows over the weekend, when he saw his category be halved as TWO of his acts got sent home in the first elimination of the series. 

Lou-Lou had to say goodbye to Blonde Electra (we’re still not over this), who received the fewest public votes and had to leave the competition immediately.

His wildcard act, Overload Generation, then faced the sing-off against Cheryl’s solo girl, Stephanie Nala.

Starting as they no doubt mean to go on, the judges went to Deadlock, where the band got their marching orders after scoring fewer votes than Stephanie.

Although the final decision came down to the public, Louis is fuming with how harsh his fellow judge, Simon Cowell, was on the boyband. 

The 62-year-old judge ranted: “‘They had a lot more to give. The damage is done, they are going home. 

“When it’s so public, I’m shocked, I never know what Simon is going to say. He was over the top and I feel sorry for those kids.”

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t deny that Si was unreasonably hard on the boys.

After tearing them apart on Saturday’s show, he slated them even further after the sing-off when he branded them “shockingly bad” and said that he couldn’t support an act that he has “absolutely no belief in”, before choosing to send them home.

Whatever happened to if you haven’t got anything nice to say don’t say anything, eh Si?

Louis continued to rant about being treated unfairly by the 55-year-old music mogul, saying that he gets treated differently to the female judges, Cheryl, and Mel B.

The Irish star seethed: “I’m always the fall guy on X Factor. You watch the tapes back. Simon never takes it out on the girls y’know.”

And there is no denying that it is always Simon’s Lou-Lou who is made to look a little bit silly when it comes to the X Factor’s pre-recorded final edits, and considering Cheryl is undeniably Simon’s ultimate fave, and she has some serious beef with Louis, it doesn’t look like the situation will change any time soon.

Chin up, Louis – you may be two acts down but you still have supergroup Stereo Kicks in your corner.

And if there is anything that Simon Cowell loves more than making Louis Walsh look stupid, it’s making money from boybands.

So we reckon they’re going to be in X Factor for the long haul. 

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