X Factor 2014: Louis Walsh Doesn’t Know Stereo Kicks’ Names, And There’s Been ANOTHER Nude Leak

Oh, Louis.

That poor octo-group Stereo Kicks have had a yet another rough weekend.

Despite being praised on The X Factor for their brilliant performance for Big Band Week, there was a bit of a damper cast over their achievements when it was revealed that their own mentor, Louis Walsh, doesn’t actually know all of their names.

We actually can’t even think of a way to defend him.

Lou-Lou was put on the spot following the band’s performance when Simon Cowell doubted that the Irish judge had got to know the boys at all, asking him what their names were there and then.

Which should have been an undoubtedly easy task for the man who has spent the past two months mentoring the band… Right?!

Unfortunately, this is Louis Walsh that we are talking about and to be honest we count ourselves lucky if he knows his own name half of the time, the 62-year-old resorted to looking at the sheet in front of him before reeling off the names.

And even then he didn’t get them in the right order.

Simon wrestled the sheet of paper away from his bestie, and held it up to the cameras to reveal that Louis actually does have to write down the boys’ names, and still can’t really tell them from Adam after all this time.

Bit rude?

And as if that wasn’t enough of a blow for Stereo Kicks to deal with this weekend, they have allegedly been hit with another media scandal after Barclay Beale’s nude photos were leaked on the internet.

(Barclay’s the one that made it through to Boot Camp as a yodeller last year, alright Louis?)

According to the Daily Mail, the nineteen-year-old is “mortified and upset” following the leak, with the photo originally being sent via Snapchat a year ago. 

A Sunday Mirror source blabbed: “This was a very intimate picture showing a moment behind closed doors, which was never expected to see the light of day.

“Barclay is shocked that it has been shared on the Internet. He is desperately hoping that it doesn’t go any further than it already has.”

Apparently the shot shows Barclay laying naked on a bed with ‘Model?’ written across the centre of the snap… So to be honest, we can see why he would be so embarrassed.

Previously, his bandmate Jake Sims had his naughty snaps shared across the internet as well, although they were thought to be taken when the now nineteen-year-old was underaged, thus making the entire thing wholly inappropriate.

And the Stereo Kicks scandals don’t even stop there; just last week lead singer James Graham was accused of leaving his teenage girlfriend when she suffered a miscarriage earlier in the year and on top of that Jake was left with his tail between his legs when old tweets which appeared to encourage drug use resurfaced.

And that’s not even mentioning the fact that last week they were stage invaded by comedian Lee Nelson during the live show. 

To be frank, it’s all going on with the Stereo Kicks boys.

But in all fairness, when there are so many of them it makes total statistical sense that there will be more than a few secrets and past mistakes coming to light throughout the show’s series.

Their own mentor not knowing their names though?

Now THAT is unforgiveable. 

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