X Factor 2014: Posh Chloe Jasmine’s Booze And Cocaine-Fueled Benders Revealed By Ex Boyfriend

Well, it didn’t take long for this ex to come out of the woodwork.

Dubbed the ‘poshest X Factor contestant of all time’, Chloe-Jasmine Whichello sailed through to Boot Camp during last night’s show after nailing not only a great singing performance but also her show-stopping display of an elegant and sophisticated, uptown girl who says things like ‘Oh my gosh’ and ‘Heavens to Betsy*’


But according to one scorned ex, who has sold his story to the Sun on Sunday, Chloe is a far cry from the girl we see in the show and is actually just a massive attention-seeker.


Chlo’s former boyfriend, Dave Kai Piper, claims that the 23-year-old’s posh image is a front and dating her was much more like dating Kurt Cobain’s wild child ex Courtney Love than a member of Downton Abbey.

Dave told the Sun: “Dating Chloe was like dating Courtney Love, if not worse. She claimed she wasn’t drinking but she was. A lot. 

“The first time we met on a photoshoot, she got hammered. She drank a whole bottle of gin and fell asleep on the floor. By the time we finished she was still comatose.”

And it isn’t just heavy drinking and falling unconscious on the job that Dave had to put up with, as he also revealed that Chloe wasn’t a stranger to the odd Class A drug: “She used to take cocaine too. I hated it, so she’d lie to me if she had been getting loaded.

“She could lie like nobody’s business. On her birthday last year, she got absolutely hammered and took drugs in Berlin. I had to ring her agency to say she was staying another night.

“I was also the person who had to drive down to London several times after she’d been on a three-day bender. I’d find her in the corner of some hole, or in the apartment of someone she had met. That wasn’t unusual, it was ‘normal’.”

32-year-old Dave dated Chloe for three years and it sounds like in that time he gathered more than enough sordid stories to sell when she finally hit the big time, going on to say: “I don’t think she is an alcoholic or a drug addict but she has an addictive personality.

“For Chloe, getting wasted wasn’t about alcohol or drugs, it was about being cool. She wanted to be that person who was at the centre of attention. It’s just a fantasy, but she will sell it to anyone who’ll listen.

“After our first meeting, a normal person would have said ‘This girl is bad news’ and walked away, but I didn’t because I was an idiot.

“A lot of my friends told me I was mad to be dating her. I thought I could change her and wanted to help. When I realised I couldn’t I tried to leave but from day one I was trapped.

“With a person like that you get really high highs and really low lows – and I bent over backwards to avoid the lows.

“A lot of our arguments happened because of her taking coke. I would go mental whenever i caught her with it so she would lie.

“Once she was meant to be spending a night with a friend. But when I rang the friend, she knew nothing about it. I phoned Chloe and she just burst into tears, screamed she was trapped and hung up. It turned out she’d met another pal who plied her full of drugs.”

Dave finally dumped Chloe in July 2013, where the model went on to steal the show on Sky Living’s The Face, with Naomi Campbell as her mentor – remember that show?

Because it was ruddy brilliant.

However, according to our pal Dave Chloe called again a few months after the split to treat him to a good old bragging session, Dave says: “She rang at 4am to brag. She had met some rich guy who had asked her to stay at his country estate.

“I told her the last thing I’d ever do was speak to her again and hung up. We haven’t spoken since.”

Maybe not to her, but DEFFO about her, eh Dave?

He also said he was absolutely blown away when he saw how Chloe was presenting herself on her second attempt at The X Factor: “Chloe doesn’t have two pennies to rub together,” he revealed, “She’s not rich. When she was in London she slept on a friend’s floor and called me to borrow money for food.

“Yes, she went to a posh school but her accent on TV is mostly put on. That really wound me up when I heard it.”

Us too, Dave – we could remember her first audition:


“She just isn’t the person who viewers see on screen. I think she’d do far better if she was just genuine – because sooner or later the bubble will burst.”

A source on behalf of the Whichello family said of Dave’s claims: “Chloe and her family are very disappointed and hurt by Dave’s claims, having supported him both financially and emotionally over many years.

“Chloe is not an alcoholic. She chose to stop drinking socially a while ago.

“Her modelling work has meant she visited many exciting places and enjoyed a full and varied social life. But she is now focused on her singing.”

‘A full and varied social life’?

You can say that again.

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