X Factor 2014: Robert Pattinson Gave Sister Lizzy Pattinson Brotherly Advice For Judges Houses

He usually goes for the brooding, deadpan persona.

But apparently Robert Pattinson is super excited by his sister, Lizzy Pattinson’s, X Factor 2014 quest and is giving her loads of support.

31-year-old Lizzy has got through to the Judges Houses section of the show and this weekend we will get to see her battle Simon Cowell’s five other Over 25′s for a space in the live shows.

Come on Rob, can’t you just bribe Si with a signed Twilight DVD or something?

Speaking about the brotherly support she is getting from the Hollywood actor, Lizzy said: “He is really excited about it all and he likes hearing about the behind the scenes detail, all the craziness of it all.

“I sent him a link of the song I am performing for Judges’ Houses and he said ‘that sounds really cool’. It was quite an obscure choice and he thought it was a really good song.”

Quite an obscure choice?

We’re looking forward to it already!

Rob has already shared how proud he is of his big sister, saying: “I’m so ridiculously proud of her, I would never have the balls to do that in a million years, I can’t believe she’s done it, it’s amazing!”

N’aw, how’s that for some brotherly love. 

Having a famous sibling also means that Lizzy already knows about the peril that fame can bring – recently singer FKA Twigs spoke out about being targeted with disgusting racial abuse on Twitter due to her budding romance with Rob.

But Lizzy doesn’t think she will ever reach the same levels of fandom obsession as her brother, revealing: ““I have seen the great side of things through my brother but also the other stuff that comes with it.

“There are so few people who have that level of fame, I know my life wouldn’t be the same as his. I don’t think any girls are going to be throwing their knickers at me.”

Hey Liz, you never know.

Unfortunately for the aspiring singer, she was hit by a nasty illness just before she was due to audition for Si and his most trusted advisor, Sinitta, in his Los Angeles home and had to croak her way through the performance.

Lizzy revealed: “I started feeling ill the day before I left for Judges’ Houses, maybe subconsciously I was a bit nervous about everything.

“While I performed the higher range, I didn’t feel like I had any control. I didn’t know what note was going to come out.”

Fingers crossed it doesn’t affect her chances too much – we want her in the lives just for the sheer possibility that Robert will show up in full a full blown cheerleading costume and shout his support from the sidelines.

We mean, it’s a bit different to his usual, moodier approach but there’s no harm in hoping, is there?

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