X Factor 2014: Simon Cowell Is Furious After Mel B Brands Fleur East A Cheat

Uh-oh, we would not want to be in Simon Cowell‘s bad books.

Although the X Factor contestants are supposed to be the ones competing against one another in a bid to win a record contract, the real claws appear to be coming out between the judges.

Throughout Saturday night’s show Simon, Louis Walsh, Cheryl, and Mel B couldn’t contain their bickering as they shouted, snapped, and spoke over each other for the entire two and a half hour run time.

However, in a beef stronger than Simon VS Cheryl in Kermit-Gate, there comes Simon VS Mel with the 54-year-old music mogul apparently having a good old fashioned hissy fit after Scary Spice said that his act, Fleur East, was “cheating” for having such loud backing vocals.

Following the 26-year-old’s ’80s week performance, Mel said to Fleur: “That was a great performance, the only thing is on that chorus I didn’t hear your voice pop against the backing track so I found that a little bit like cheating.”

Simon became noticeably peeved as he cut Mel off saying that it was an unfair thing to say, with Fleur responding herself by singing the chorus to the song there and then on stage, next to a bemused, and probably despairing, Dermot O’Leary.

Mel and Simon continued arguing, with Mel winning out hearts as she sniped: “It’s my opinion,” and Si accusing the former Spice Girl of attemping to make his acts look bad.

It all got rather heated to be honest.

And it looks as though the drama didn’t even end when the cameras stopped rolling, with a source since revealing to The Sun: “Simon was absolutely furious with Mel over what she said.

“He has really moulded Fleur and he thinks she’s got a real chance of winning the competition, going on to have a great career and ultimately making him a lot of money.

“There’s nothing worse than being branded a cheater and even at this stage of the show, it could be a difficult tag to shake off.

“Usually after Xtra Factor the judges will have a bit of a debrief and a chat, but Simon was so angry he stormed off to his dressing room. Mel didn’t want to see him either, so she stayed holed up until 1am and didn’t come out until pretty much everyone had gone home”


We bet Louis and Cheryl felt a little bit awkward after that one…

Despite Mel’s allegations, Fleur survived to sing another week with Chezza suffering the same fate as Louis did last week, having her four acts cut in half when Stephanie Nala and Chloe Jasmine got sent home. 

In the mean time, super group Stereo Kicks found themselves in the dreaded sing off but ended up being saved by their loyal mentor, obvz, as well as Mel and Simon.

Well, at least that is one thing that they managed to agree on.

Let’s just hope that they’ve let bygones be bygones after rediscovering that patch of common ground.

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