X Factor 2014: Stereo Kicks’ Casey Johnson Sexting Razor Ruddock’s Wife?!

When will they learn, eh?

The X Factor’s very own octo-group, Stereo Kicks, are a pretty randy bunch.

After around half of the boys had their bits and bobs floating around the internet following a few cruel nude photo leaks, 19-year-old Casey Johnson has allegedly been sexting Razor Ruddock’s WIFE?!


Casey, who was nicknamed ‘Flirty Kick’ by his bandmates when the group opted to go for Spice Girl esque personalities, has apparently bombared busty blonde Leah with saucy Whatsapp messages after he saw her pics on Twitter.

Erm, if you’re going to send naughty messages to somebody, Case, probs best to check that they’re NOT married to ‘the seventeenth hardest man in football*’ first.

*What a title.

Unfortunately for Casey but fortunately for Razor, Leah was less than impressed by the teenager’s seduction efforts, with a mysterious source telling The Sun: “He obviously saw a big-boobed blonde and chanced his arm.

“He’s only a kid. He was texting telling Leah what he wanted to do to her. He kept saying he thought she would be a right dirty b****.

“He said, ‘Have you got any dirty pictures for me?’ Leah texted back, ‘Just focus on the competition.’ She said the texts Casey sent were filthy — he was being a right little sod.”

Anybody else find this all rather vomtastic?

It seems as though the Stereo Kicks lads are a little bit plagued when it comes to phone-related scandals, with three other members having naked photos leak.

Just last week 21-year-old Tom Mann was left blushing when photos of him striking a variety of nude poses were shared with the internet.

It is believed that these photos were taken over a year ago and deffo before he found fame on The X Factor, when he was placed with seven other solo singers to form the ultimate boyband.

A source close to Tom said of the leak: “These were pics that Tom took a long time ago. He posted them himself then deleted them.

“But he’s aware that he has to be a bit careful now that he’s on a family show.”

He posted them himself?! WHERE?!

…And, well, why??

The week before THAT Barclay Beales was left “mortified and upset” when a sexy snapchat came back to haunt him in what is thought to be a ‘revenge porn’ incident.

A Sunday Mirror source blabbed: “This was a very intimate picture showing a moment behind closed doors, which was never expected to see the light of day.

“Barclay is shocked that it has been shared on the Internet. He is desperately hoping that it doesn’t go any further than it already has.”

Apparently the shot shows Barclay laying naked on a bed with ‘Model?’ written across the centre of the snap… So to be honest, we can kind of see why he would be so embarrassed.

Previously, his bandmate Jake Sims had his naughty snaps shared across the internet as well, although they were thought to be taken when the now nineteen-year-old was underaged, thus making the entire thing wholly inappropriate.


We think it’s about time Louis Walsh considered confiscating the boys mobile phones… 

They obviously can’t be trusted. 

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