X Factor 2014: Stereo Kicks Suffer Stage Invasion From Comic Lee Nelson

How many times did YOU rewind and rewatch this performance last night?

Live TV can be a wonderful thing, like that time Simon Cowell got egged on Britain’s Got Talent and the controversial moment that a member of X Factor production was caught whispering in Louis Walsh’s ear to save Rylan Clark.

And last night was no different, when comic Lee Nelson decided to wander onto the stage during Stereo Kicks’ performance of ‘You Are Not Alone’ and cause an absolute riot.

Louis waved his hands around in the air and Simon stood up – it was wild.

To be honest, at first we didn’t know if Lee was just a member of the band who had forgotten the choreography and got a bit lost – well there are a LOT of boys to keep tabs on -, but when a burly security guard pushed the mysterious assailant off stage it was obvious that something wasn’t quite right.

Lee, who is a character of comedian Simon Brodkin, took to Twitter later on in the night to confirm that it was he who was trying to have a crack at becoming the band’s ninth member.

He wrote: “There are so many of them I thought anyone could have a go. Really hope the boys keep me on. #LeeNelsonForStereoKicks”

He later added: “Stereo Kicks were top lads. Still think they’d be better off with 9. I’d vote for them but Cowell’s got my phone.”

Hmm, Lee might think that the octo-group are ‘top lads’ but they certainly don’t all feel the same way about him, with James Graham (the one with the amazing voice and massive quiff) revealing on The Xtra Factor that he was just about ready to give the stage invader a wallop.

Speaking to Sarah Jane Crawford, he shared: “It went through my head at one point to pick up a chair and hit him over the head with it.”

However, his bandmate Jake Sims (the short one with tattoos and an adorable little sister) had a slightly different approach to the whole situation, with the band revealing that he “Went up and high-fived him.”

The boys were praised by the judges for their ever-professional reaction to Lee wandering across the stage and pretending to sing along, with Cheryl even saying that she wouldn’t have known how to deal with such an intrusion.

However, the entire incident has been dubbed a publicity stunt by some cynics on Twitter, who can’t help but notice that the band, who were in the bottom two for the second time last week, might be able to benefit from the sympathy vote.

Not to mention the fact that the acts who make it through to next week’s show will be going on The X Factor Tour, and Stereo Kicks fans are sure to snap up tickets.

Here is what some of the reality TV conspiracy theorists had to say:

An X Factor spokesperson said last night: “During Stereo Kicks’ performance this evening, there was a brief disturbance on stage, which was immediately dealt with by security.

“The performance continued as planned.”

Although we have to disagree with the ‘immediately dealt with’ part of the statement – after all, Lee managed to walk the length of the stage in the time it took for a bouncer to take him down – we can’t deny that it made some pretty good TV.

And publicity stunt or not, watching Louis Walsh angrily wave his arms around in a temper tantrum was one of the best things that we’d seen all week.

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