X Factor 2014: Stevi Ritchie Bragged About Bedding Chloe Jasmine To… Louis Tomlinson?!

Yikes, we don’t know who or what to believe in this year’s most bizarre X Factor romance.

After ex-contestant Chloe Jasmine claimed that the most sexual thing she did in the X Factor house was “whisk an egg” (LOL),  we thought those Stevi Ritchie rumours were well and truly busted.

However, a pesky source has now thrown a curveball by claiming that Stevi was overheard bragging about his late night escapades with the blonde bombshell to none other than Simon Cowell and Louis Tomlinson.

Yes, actual Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.

Random much?!

Rumour has it that the 34-year-old crooner claimed that he got to “sixth base” whilst having a private conversation with his mentor and the 1D star, but he apparently forgot to turn off his microphone and the whole discussion was overheard by a member of production.

Forget switched on microphones and Louis Tomlinson for one darn minute – we want to know what exactly sixth, SIXTH, base is?!

Is actual Stevi Ritchie more down with the debrief lingo than we are?!


The source also threw a spanner in the works by suggesting that Chloe may well have been telling the truth about the whole ‘whisking an egg’ thing, because the encounter didn’t actually happen in the X Factor house, instead the two checked in to the Hilton hotel. 


The insider told The Sun: “On Saturday, Chloe booked herself into the Hilton and Stevi told everyone that he was going to see his mates… But he ducked out and went to meet her.

“They disappeared upstairs pretty sharpish and didn’t emerge until the next morning. Stevi looked like the cat that got the cream.”

The incident is thought to have taken place 24 hours before Chloe lost her spot in the competition last Sunday, and hours after Stevi was rumoured to have gone missing with a dancer moments before he was due to perform on 80s week.

Which, by the way, Stevi strongly denied during last night’s live show, claiming that he was actually in the toilet.


Rumours of Chloe and Stevi having a secret romance emerged when their fellow contestant, Jake Quickenden, dished to The Mirror: “Chloe and Stevi seem to have a little connection, they get on very well and I know they’re very fond of eachother.”

Which no doubt came as a blow to Craig Wiffen, who not too long ago unveiled himself as Chlo’s long-term boyfriend. 

Which, incidentally, came as an even bigger blow to Young Apprentice star Harry Maxwell, who had been dating the posh totty  for several weeks.

It all got a *tad* messy.

However, following her elimination Chloe exclusively told us that she was definitely not romantically involved with Stevi.

She revealed:  “Everyone in the house has been really close and you need to be close in this experience. 

“We do all have our assigned bedrooms and we do have very high security making sure that there is no funny business. 

“We have signed a contract to say that we will not engage in anything sexual. 

“The most  sexual thing I did was whisk some eggs in the morning. It was so hot. That’s whisked, not fertilised. Just to clarify.”

Maybe the most sexual thing in the house, Chloe, BUT WHAT ABOUT IN THE HILTON?!

We reckon we need to have a chat with Stevi’s apparent new bro, Louis Tomlinson, in order to get to the bottom of this mess.

Sounds like he has all of the goss and as we are professionals we SUPPOSE we can take a couple of hours from our day to have a one-on-one with a bloomin’ hot popstar. 

After all, we gotta do what we gotta do in order to get the facts right… 

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