X Factor 2014: Stevi Ritchie Takes Simon Cowell For Dinner At The Harvester

This is our fave story ever.

Looks like Simon Cowell isn’t all talk when it comes to the X Factor as it seems as though he really meant it when he said that he’d like to go to the Harvester restaurant with his act, Stevi Ritchie.

It all started following Stevi’s performance of Footloose on Saturday night’s show, when the 34-year-old offered to show the infamous music mogul and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction around Colchester.

Simon replied: “Can we go to a Harvester? I’d like that.”

To which Stevi quipped: “Yeah, I’ll show you all the top places.”

Although the twosome didn’t go back to Stevi’s hometown, nor were they joined by 1D’s Louis (darn it!), Simon’s loyal act fulfilled his promise of taking his mentor to the budget restaurant, famed for its unlimited, free salad bowls.

Who DOESN’T love a free salad bowl??

Shortly before the duo were spotted munching away on said salad, Stevi had tweeted that he was nervous about their dinner date, writing: “Ok so im having a meal at harvester with the boss man himself mr simon cowell and im sooooo nervous xx”

But it looks like 54-year-old Simon had an all round great time, writing after the meal: “Thanks for dinner Stevi. Scampi and chips at the Harvester. Delicious.”

Crispy Scampi at the West London branch of the restaurant would have set Stevi back a STAGGERING £7.49.

Talk about pushing the boat out. 

But it doesn’t look like Stevi minded splashing the cash, even going so far as to call Simon his ‘best friend’ after the meal:

Quite a step up from Simon calling Stevi a “Sort of friend” during Saturday night’s show – the power of a Harvester, eh?

We have to say that it’s nice to see that even when you are a multi-millionaire and one of the most famous people on the planet, you still can’t resist an early bird saver meal.

Simon Cowell truly is a man after our own hearts.

A source from the X Factor said of the meal: “Simon loves traditional British food and jumped at the chance to do some filming with Stevi over dinner.

“Other people in the restaurant couldn’t believe it when they saw Cowell at the salad bar. They were queuing up for pics and autographs with him, and Stevi was delighted too.”

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see said footage on Saturday’s ‘Fright Night’ live show.

Let’s just hope that Stevi’s performance is as good as the scampi…

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