X Factor 2014: Stevi Ritchie Went Missing With A Dancer Moments Before Saturday’s Performance

Well, he did look a little bit hot under the collar during his performance

The X Factor’s token novelty act, the lovable Stevi Ritchie, made everybody feel a little bit uncomfortable with his performance of Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ on Saturday night.

Surrounded by super hot female dancers, Stevi looked like he was having the time of his life, but now an insider has revealed that the real fun came BEFORE the 34-year-old’s performance. 

According to this mystery source, Stevi had producers in a fluster when he disappeared with a dancer moments before he was due to go on stage and give his live performance. 

Producers even considered changing the order of the show as they went into ‘panic mode’ when they realised that they were an act down.

The insider told The Sun: “Some of the team rushed to find him while senior staff considered getting someone else on, which would’ve been a nightmare to arrange.

“Just as they were about to give up, they found him getting cosy with one of the dancers.”

My oh my, running off from your own performance to get down and dirty with one of your dancers?

What kind of rock and roll lifestyle is Stevi trying to life, eh?

The crooner has previously shared that due to his total lack of confidence, and he also claims that he wasn’t the best looker, he didn’t lose his virginity until he was 21-years-old, working as a bluecoat at Pontins.

And it’s because of this kind of past experience with the ladies that the source reckons he is making up for lost time.

The insider continued: “He didn’t have much luck with the ladies in his younger day, so he’s trying to make up for it now he’s got a bit of fame.”

Well, good luck to him, that’s what we say.

When Stevi finally did get on stage, his flustered performance got mixed reviews from the judges, with Louis Walsh even using the words ‘Sex God’.


Cheryl praised Stevi for being so genuine and said that his performance was “very entertaining”, which his mentor Simon Cowell agreed with, adding: “There is something about you, I shouldn’t like you but I do.”

On the other hand, feisty Mel B said that his personality was “adorable” but even the smokin’ hot dancers couldn’t make him look good.

Sad face.

Then Louis made us all vom with his predictably lol-worthy comment: “You are living the dream, you’re a sex god however it was like having a really bad dream and being in a karaoke bar in Benidorm.”

Stevi is getting a bit of a reputation as a ladies man on the show, with Jake Quickenden previously suggsting that he was getting close and flirty with Chloe Jasmine, who left the show on Sunday.

However, that rumour was busted when Chloe exclusively told us that the most sexual thing she did in the contestants house was “whisk an egg”.

Erm, okay?

We reckon that Stevi did more than whisk an egg with that mystery dancer.

Much more.

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