X Factor 2015: Is Louis Walsh About To Quit?

We woke up today thinking all was vaguely good in the world. The sun was shining, Saturday Kitchen was on, and the loud neighbours from next door was so comatose from last night’s festivities that they’d slept in and forgotten about their trombone lesson.

But then, as we opened our screen and refreshed the feed on our ‘LOUIS WALSH 4 EVA’ fan-site (our current homepage) – we were greeted with potentially life-shattering, soul-destroying news…


Now we know what you’re thinking. Louis/Simon/The X Factor Machine say this eeeeevery single year without fail, and yet lo and behold Lou-Lou comes back year after year to trot out the same old hackneyed lines and make politically incorrect statements involving Lenny Henry.

Like the crazy old Irish cousin you often ‘forget’ to visit, but still end up seeing FAR too much of.

Anyway, Louis was on TV3′s ‘The Seven O’Clock Show’ yesterday with his new band Hometown, and claimed that after eleven years on The X Factor he’s now just a little bit ‘ceebs’ about the whole thing:

“I think I’m done with X Factor honestly. My day job is as a manager, I’ve kind of neglected that. I want to get back to being a manager.”

“I’m working with Shane Filan, he’s got a new record coming out, and I’m working with Hometown. I’d like to get back to where I started off… I never wanted to be on TV, it just happened.”

“I’ve done 11 seasons. That’s a long time on television. I think they’re going to change it, go for a few new faces.”

Apparently, Louis is now wanting to focus on his career in the music business, finding new talent and being a proper ‘music mogul’:

“If you don’t like this business you shouldn’t be in it. You have to be full time, you have to love it. I still love it. I still look at the charts, I still buy music, I still go to gigs. It keeps you young.”

SEE?! LOUIS WALSH IS ‘HIP’ GUYS! HE’S DOWN WITH THE KIDS! He loves ‘The Dubstep’, we’re sure of it.

Word on the street is that the 62-year-old, who has been a constant judge on the show since it began way back in 2004, is being ousted in favour of Take That star Robbie Williams.

An insider told The Daily Star: “Simon Cowell is planning major changes for this year’s X Factor and one of them is getting rid of Louis.

“It is not 100% finalised yet but Simon knows he needs to make the show current and credible and Louis no longer ticks that box.

X Factor 2015: Is Louis Walsh About To Quit?
By MazSight

“It is hard for him personally as they are great friends. But the decision is all but done.”

So – will Louis quit before he gets pushed? Will Robbie replace him? IS ANY OF THIS EVEN REAL?!?!?

Oh, say it isn’t so Louis. We’re not quite ready to say good-bye.

Well, Cheryl might be, but we’re certainly not.

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